best video quality Esoteric DV-50 or Blue Ray

i own an Esoteric DV-50 an am wondering if the picture quality with say an Oppo-95 Blue Ray is better.

i own a projector (Panasonic 7000) an am wondering if i should sell my Esoteric, which is only used for video and get a Blue Ray player?
I believe the Oppo BDP 95 will provide a superior image, but why not decide for yourself?

OPPO offers a 30-day money back guarantee with no restocking fee.
I have a Denon 3930 DVD player. It does an excellent job scaling from 480i to 1080p, with virtually no perceptible artifacts on a 60" 1080p display. It's about as good a standard def image as I've seen, outside a professional mastering suite.

Having said that, my blu ray player, which is now several years old, trounces the DVD player for picture quality. It is really no contest.

So I would say take Albert's advice and try the OPPO. But don't sell your Esoteric yet. It's possible that the Esoteric's picture quality is better on standard def DVD's. That's the reason I didn't sell my Denon DVD player. On standard def material, it is far better than my blu ray player.

My Esoteric DV60 and Oppo 83 player are not distinguishable on standard def dvd on my 120in 1080p projector rig. I dont buy BluRay anymore except for very few select titles because its just not IMO worth the premium charge for your average movie and upsampled dvd looks just great.
If you are only going to watch Standard Definition DVD's then I doubt the Oppo would deliver any better picture than DV50. I had a Theta Carmen II and Oppo 83SE at the same time and the theta was every bit as good or slightly better than Oppo on Standard Def DVD. Blueray was obviously a superior picture on the Oppo than Standard Def DVD on the Theta.

i realize that i didn't include that the Esoteric DV-50 only has analog output for the video


the oppo has HDMI.

(i just bought fiber optic HDMI cables)

is 1 month enough time to burn in the Oppo?

thanks for the input guys

Also, my Esoteric is analog video. I will be using HDMI with the Oppo. (just picked up fiber optic HDMI cable for my Fios TV video connection and will get the same for the Oppo [any BlueRay player] )

With any player, I will only use XLR (analog) cables for the sound output. Fios TV will also use the analog output to my Classe analog preamp.

(I didn’t want a digital volume control. I had a Wadia 7 & 9 combo; it’s weak link was the digital sound control)

Thanks for your input.
Well there might be a problem here, isnt upsample only possible via HDMI? I think thats how it is on my DV60 but not certain.