Best vibration isolation for speakers on carpet?

Hi All,


So I am awaiting my new Revel Performa3 208's and I'm tired of the normal spikes that come with speakers. No matter what I do I can never seem to get them all level. My carpet is medium to a bit on the thicker side. Any help on carpet spikes or any other ideas on how to isolate the speaks but also so they'll finally be balanced? Granted it's not like any of my towers have ever been in danger of tipping over, but I've never been able to get them all level. 


My dealer said at 80lbs the Revel's should be fine on carpet without spikes but I want to get this right from the get go? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated-thank you!


I have heavy PMC MB2SE on thick carpet in my HT room. Carpet sits on underlay over the concrete floor.

Any suggestions? They are quite unstable at the moment, their stands just sitting flush on the carpet. They rock all over the place. 

Thanks for your suggestions in advance.



@mitch2 -- Great post. In my view, "best" is one of the least helpful words in audiophilia.

Even if you suffer hearing loss the best is most obvious  here even on a cell phone.




My floorstanders weigh 210 lbs each.  They are sitting on 90 oz plush pile over a 12" 3000 psi concrete slab steel reinforced.   I am using spikes designed for the speakers.   It may not be correct but in earthquake country, it appears stable which is my first concern.   I would replace them with Townshend platforms if I wanted to.  

I have 80lb Dynaudios on Gaia IIs and the difference vs. spikes is remarkable. Not cheap, seldom findable used, worth the money.