Best vibration isolation device for cd player?

Feet or platform. I have a modified ModWright Oppo BDP 95 cd payer with external power supply. Thank you for your advice!
While there is much better and more expensive devices I found a combo of pico feet under and vibrapods on top of trap quite an improvement along with my mapleshade platform on my oppo.I would experiment with top and bottom vibration control by the transport of your oppo.
For my MW/Oppo 83 I use 3 vibrapod cones. They are $8 each and provide a dramatic improvement of clarity and detail. I tried their vibrapod isolators and they made my rig sound warmer, which was not the direction I wanted to go. I also tried a combo using both stacked- with the cones on top of the isolators. This combo provided a nice marriage of both characteristics which I really liked. My rig ultimately sounded best with the just the cones. Also know that there was some users who found that vibrapods produced a ring on the rack table. To counter this I use small index cards underneath the cone and this protects my rack.
I would suggest Herbies Tenderfooters under the External Power supply.I use 4 under my Thor Audio Linestage External Power Supply and they work very well for me..Nothing earth shattering for sonic improvement but noticable to my 66 year old ears......
Yes Vibrapods for the money. Have been using them for years and absolutely flawless. From time to time you have to heat them in the oven on a cookie sheet as instructed to reinflate but it's so easy. Nothing to it.