Best version of Yellow Brick Road on LP

Between the original pressing, MFSL and Super Disk (are there others?) what version sounds best to you?
Speakers Corner released this lp and did a great job.It is still available new as far as I know.
I like my German pressing the best, just a little bit better than the MOFI, which is very good. I also have (2) different Japanese pressings that are also very good. The original British pressing is quite good too. I have the Super Disc version, but haven't listened to it in awhile.
I have had nice results with Speakers corner. I think I will buy this but it is expensive.
warning about speakers corner version of this lp. i do not believe it comes with the original trifold cover.
I have a DBX encoded MFSL that sounds fantstic and an original pressing that is tattered and an un opened MFSL.
GBYBR is maybe the best and most accessible double album in the pop/rock genre ever?

I don't know what version sounds best I have never heard it sound less than excellent.

Beatles White Album is more diversified perhaps but GBYBR is solid to great start to finish, almost flawless.
I have the most recent 180 gram release (perhaps it is the Speakers Corner?), and although it sounds OK, the original recording of "your song" has never been that dynamic, and was quite a dissapointment. Rather flat sounding. It sounds out of place to me in comparison to many of of the other tracks on the album...