Best version of Velvet Underground & Nico?

At this point there are no less than 5 different remasters of the Velvet Underground & Nico album. Which is best? I'm still listening to the original CD release from the early 90's and figure it's time to upgrade.

Any aficionados care to enlighten me? Does the Deluxe Edition provide stunning new insight? Or for the same amount of money should I just get the Peel Slowly and See box? Or save up slightly more for the MoFi? Go cheap and get the new remaster that all the regular stores sell?
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that rare early vinyl demo acetate one of only two made that went for $155k recently on ebay - found in a pawn record shop in New york for pocket change
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Here is the link to the ebay auction. It went for $25,200:

Here is the link to the original auction that went for $155,401, but was later relisted because the bids were not serious:
1. the japanese mini disc. 2. the vinyl reissue......the original us verve lp in mint condition is too valuble to play.....don't peel that banana in any case.