Best version of Polk SDA1 monitors?

I currently own a pair of Polk Audio SDA1 monitors having the vertical tweeters.I hear the version with the horizontalo tweeters is better why? Thanks, Frank.
Just to be clear, are your tweeters side by side or one on top of the other?
side by side. Does this make a differnce?
Ok, yours are mounted horizontally and yes, it makes a difference. Your version is either the SDA 1 or the SDA 1A. One of the tweeters is an dimensional tweeter, the other is stereo. Polk found that the dimensional tweeter wasn't needed and in fact caused a phasey effect. The next and following generations had the tweeters mounted vertically and utilized a progessive point source. Some folks, with your model, disconnect the dimensional tweeter and report better results. Polk has a forum that you can find out more about your speakers, if you're interested.
thankyou, sorry about my mistake in explaining the twweters. Frank