Best version of Aqualung on CD?

I have the original run (which sounds terrible) and the 20 bit version they released a couple of years ago. Is there a better sounding one out there?
The DCC Gold CD is the best one I'v heard up to this point.
If you're referring to the "Sound Noise Shaping System" version with the added interviews, I mistakenly bought it on vinyl - it sucks! So far, it seems that the best version of Aqualung is by DCC. As with many of their re-masters, they are the definitive copies. It certainly is true with their vinyl release - I suspect the same of their CD. Thing is, Aqualung is not not a great sounding disc to begin with. But Hoffman sure did a great job with it!
Yes, the sound noise shaping system! Egads. I will now look for the DCC, thanks to both of you. I hope the DCC version cleaned up Locomotive Breath and didn't chop off the ending to Wind-up (like my first copy!)
A little trivia for you, Ian Anderson did not write Aqualung, his wife Jennie did. I saw Tull two years ago live in a small venue, unfortunately Ian had some sort of virus several years ago that effected his vocal cords; rendered his vocals almost unlistenable. It was terrific seeing Martin Barre play again though. Terrific disc, I prefer my orginal vinyl pressing to any of the CD's Ive heard but that's true no matter what vinyl to CD comparison I've made. Jeff
Unfortunatly all the master of Jerthro Tull are terrible.If MOFI could not improve much on the masters noone can.The MOFIS and DCC are the best.
A dynamite recording is "A Little Light Music" . It doesn't have Aqualung but has a compilation of live concerts. A must for Tull fans. Recorded in 92