Best Value Speakers??

Hello, I'm going to soon begin the search for some speakers. Anyways, I've checked out the various companies and it seems like you pay so much for the name of the speaker and the quality of the cabinet.
I don't care anything about those two elements! Basically, I'm looking for a no frills kind of speaker where you're just paying for the musical attributes of the speaker and nothing else kind of like NAD products(lol). What brand of speaker do you think offers the most bang for the buck? All input is welcomed!
As I have stated before, Cambridge Soundworks Newton T300 are really nice. I've had them for two months and they sound so good! Read the thread I started for feedback (not too much yet.) This email address didn't work. Is this the right email address. I would say, check out the Canton Ergo 92 speakers. They list for 2000 dollars, but i see an online store on Audiogon selling them or 1000 dollars. These speakers sound really good. The have a nice midrange and the bass is fast and tight. The cabinet is also great. Here's a pic of them.
Look for a used pair of Spica TC-50's. They are, unquestionably, one of the very best values in the history of high-end audio. You should be able to find a used pair for $200 - $300. These little transducers are now considered classics due to their spectacular soundstaging, neutral and electrostatic-like midrange and just plain ol' toe-tapping musicality. You won't hear much above 16 khz or below 45 hz, but what's in-between is incredibly nice. Good luck and happy listening!
Agree with the above recommendation of the TC50's. Get a SET amp, put them in a small room and you are good to go.
While i agree that the little Spica's are great for what they do, they are limited in terms of total performance ( as was noted ). They will not "jam", do low bass or have real extended treble. If you can live with what is left in terms of total performance minus those aspects, it would be hard to go wrong with those speakers in terms of the expenditure involved.

Responding to posts like this is tough. Given the "open field" with no restrictions or guidelines posted ( price, size, type of music, room size, SPL range, etc...) "generic" answers could send someone off in the wrong direction EVEN THOUGH the suggestion or products mentioned ARE excellent. They just don't fit what the person is looking for. That is one of the reasons why posting questions with as much information as possible is likely to net you answers that are more pertinent to your specific situation. Sean
In terms of your criteria, Vandersteen seems an obvious contender for your short list. Most Vandersteen models HAVE no cabinet, so you are not paying for that. Are you paying anything for the name? Surely, but they are still a good value.
As a long-time owner of various Vandersteen speaker models, I think they represent one of the best values in high-end audio. Richard Vandersteen has always stressed high value in his products, which is why he invests the great majority of the manufacturing cost in the drivers, cabinet, and crossover. You will also find high value in several well-regarded Canadian-made speakers, such as PSB and Paradigm. I've also heard the lower-priced models made by Joseph (RM7?) and Krix, and think they represent good value.
For straight forward, bargain speakers that you can buy in almost any place in the states for a reasonable price I like NHTs and Paradigms. I have had both the Paradigm Atoms and Mini Monitors which are both very inexpensive and I believe that they sound better than comparably priced klipsch, jbl, and B&W products. My Brother-in-law is using an inexpensive NHT system (less than $2500) for his home theater with the top of the line Denon receiver and they sound terrific. Have fun listening to them all and good luck finding one to match with your components and listening room.
There is a speaker which in the 80's was highly regarded for both its value and sound reproduction. The speakers cost about $300.00 and used cement for the speaker enclosure to limit resonance.

I do not know what they cost these days (I presume it is at or near that price)or where exactly in the US you can get them but if you do a few searches on Google you'll find them and several comments about them.

Here is a link to the web page for the speakers, I think its in Sweedish but from that page you can get to the home page where they use English. Rauna Tyr

Good Luck!
I have a pair of used Spica TC 50’s and I agree with Aisip’s post. The Spica 50’s are without a doubt the best deal I have ever gotten in the audio world. I have tried three amps with them: Krell FPB 200, Jolida SG 102 and finally with the Jolida JD 1000. Ok this is going to sound like the 3 Bears. The 200-watt Krell was much to powerful and the 20-watt Jolida was a little weak on the bottom end but the 100-watt Jolida is just right. I have had speakers that cost many times what these cost and still could not produce the bass like the TC 50’s I paid $275.00 + shipping a few years ago and smile every time I hear them.
I agree with Drubin and Sd re Vandersteen speakers as being great value(s). Specifically, I would recommend the 2Ce sig., MSRP $1500. Cheers. Craig
Maggie 1.6QR vs. Vandy 2CE SIG vs. Meadowlark Kestrel; I ought the Kestrels. JMHO, YMMV, LMNOP.
Bang for buck? I'd have to say Paradigm. Unbelievable value for the money. I have a pair of Monitor 5v2's bought new for $475. Smokes many higher priced speakers I've owned through the years. While there are many great speakers on the market, I don't any touch Paradigm for "value" on the dollar.
As long as you do not care about looks, the Vandersteens are an excellent value. I have been a long term Vandersteen owner. I have also recently read two good reviews of Axiom speakers which look interesting for the money.

Don't buy until you've read reviews on
EFE speakers! This line of speakers slam dunks retail competition in quality and price. I own several pairs.

Email Ed Frias for details. The guy is a master at making speakers. His crossover design is exceptional. If you are on a budget, try his DIY speaker kit. For $350/pair, they are unbelievable speakers !

Good luck.
PSB. They have something for every application, are easily found used here, and enjoy a good reputation.
Since you don't care about looks and the quality of the cabinet (no offense to your woodworking skills, which may be considerable for all I know), I'd think a very good DIY kit would be the best value. There are a number out there.
I am a huge fan of American electronics and as a rule stick to them, but the best speakers I have found for the money are a pair of Sony SSM7A. The are an American design and have been compared by Stereophile writers to the Wilson Watt and Puppies. I am using the with A Krell pre-amp, an Aragon amp; and a Sota Sapphire turntable with a Rega RB900 and a Sumiko Bluepoint Special cartridge. The speakers sound great. I wouldn't trade them for most of what I hear in the HiFi shops. The design is great and the materials are in keeping with the design. Find a pair and listen to them. Tell me if I'm wrong! Sony also makes a bigger pair the SSM9 which was a Stereophile Class B recommended componant.
Paradigm Studio 40s are one of the most seductive sounding speakers I have heard.I have listened to them with various
electronics and they always delivered.I noticed that somme audiophiles tend to turn up their nose at Paradigm,but the
Reference series deserves a serious listen!