Best Value P-mount cartridge and stylus

Hi guys,

I’ve inherited a lightly used Technics SL-BD20 and my father’s record collection (lots of 70s rock and jazz) - is there a cartridge in $50 range that would improve SQ? Stylus too?

’m going into an NAD 7175PE which has both MC and MM preamp built-in.

Thank you!
Good p-mount cartridges can come with the universal adapter to make it a standard 1/2" mounting system. So, with the right cartridge chosen, you can take the cart to a newer turntable at a later date.
Universal p-mount adapters are always available and since all p-mounts are the same mount, then all p-mounts will fit in any adapter. the adapters can be found on eBay and the like.

i assume you are prepared to buy used?

Not much top flight good p mounts being made tbh.

Maybe an Ortofon X1-MCP?

Or the oem Technics mc p mount cart that came on sl-10. Although finding one is hard.

i use an  Adzen on my sl10 bought on eBay for about $60 I think.
Thanks @teo_audio - a good plan indeed. 

To add another requirement, @uberwaltz, it needs to be a MM cart, as my Yammy integrated phono stage only accepts that type.

Any other recos or resources to check out?

The Azden ym p20e that I use is a mm and I have been very impressed.
One on eBay right now at $99.