Best value minisystem for hardrock/metal?

I know it's not a great question to ask in an audiophile forum but any help would be appreciated. Price range I guess up to $300, sound quality is the most important, with good responsive, detailed bass. Thanks!
Maybe some old Klipsch or JBL??? You might have to spend a few more bucks to get what you are looking for.
Steuspeed is right. Get an efficent speaker that you can power with most anything. It won't sound good in absolute terms but it will get loud and sound better than the Audiovox mini system the guy down the street has. Speakers that are 96dB+ efficent should work well.

Good luck!
The guy isnt looking for speakers..he's looking for a mini-system.
I would go to 'best buy' or 'circuit city'and see what they have in your price range.
30 day return policy so you can audition a few systems until you find one you like.
Ok, I overlooked the "mini system" part of the request. I bet you would have a hard time beating this for $289 plus shipping costs.

$200 bucks for this (new/sealed)Athena ASP400 subwoofer on audiogon

$89 bucks for these Athena AS B1's on Audiogon

good luck ;)
I've been impressed with JVC mini systems in the past.