Best VALUE Linn amp for 5103 PreAmp

Picked up a Linn 5103 System Controller for a great price. Looking for a great VALUE Linn amp to match with it.

What are the best options for a used Linn Amp right now? If you can share both 2 channel and Multi-channel options, I would be greatly appreciative.

I have a 2 channel Tube setup with Cary, Esoteric and Spendor SP-1's right now. Thinking of trying a Linn setup on the cheap.

I'd like to keep the cost below $1,000 - but I am not averse to a much cheaper amp in the older Linn line if it is solid.

Thanks in advance for your help! Gerard
I got rid of Linn when I bought Cary. Old system was Cary amp and pre both tubes, Linn Kudos, Mimik II, Numerik, Majik 140's. Still have a very nice Sondek 12 TT. Replaced the Linn sources with Magnum Dynalab tube, Moon Equinox SE, Lipinski speakers. The only thing that may have a chance is running Linn amps to aktiv Linn speakers. Happy listening.
The AV5105 is a stellar performer and was built to run with the 5103. They are way under valued, usually selling for less than $500. The only other Linn amp I have owned was the LK85. The 5105 was a much better amp IMO.
The 5125 is a terrific amp - 5 channel, so good for bi-amping. Generally under $1k.
I'm not sure how to put another thread here, but I started a thread back in 2008 on how to actively drive Ninkas. Maybe search for that because there were some good responses on Linn amps. This text is from the thread:

I'm working towards the same setup, and I'm going for LK140's as per my dealers suggestion.

He is not a fan of the AV amps for pure stereo. He also says the LK140 is MUCH better than the LK85. I go for quality over quantity, and listen to most genre's.
Best to worst:
1 - Chakras $$$$$
2 - Klouts $$$$
2 - LK140's $$$
3 - 2250's $$$$
4 - LK85 $$
5 - LK100 $
6 - 5125 $$

Cards take time to locate, so start watching for them to come up as soon as you know what amps you are going to go with. I have a bass card to fit Klout/LK100 if you go that way.
I am a recent Linn convert. I have 2 Linn LK85s and 2 linn 5105s. I use the 5105s aktiv with Tukans and the LK85s biamping B&W CDM1 NTs.

I am amazed at the performance of the LK85. I briefly did a comparison of the 5105 and the LK85 through the B&Ws. I think on their own, the LK85s are a bit better sounding than the 5105. Each of the amps have a different character, but I think the LK85 is more dynamic. LK85s are really sweet sounding amps with a lot of punch, soundstage, air and detail. They are dirt cheap too! I have had Bryston, threshold, and some tube amps in my system and the LK85s brought it to life.

I am thinking about the 5103 myself; how do you like it? How is the DAC?

Have fun!