Best value in speaker cables??

I can buy a 12 ft pair of Analysis Plus Oval 9 black for under $450. Also, I can buy a 12ft pair of ANTI CABLE Level 3 speaker cable for also under $450. I am curious which might be the best choice for Acoustic Zen Adagios SPEAKER DRIVEN BY Red Dragon digital mono blocks.

I was informed by The Cable Company that the Analysis Plus Silver Oval (or is it Big Silver Oval) might sound too bright with the Adagios. Does Transparent Cable offer a speaker cable compatible with Adagios for under $500 for 12 ft single wire?? Thank you!!
Why don't you try Acoustic Zen Satori? It is one of the best cables within this price range. I use Satori Shotgun but Adagios are not biwired if I remember correctly. You should be able to find used 12' Satori for under $450. Satori is very fast and clean but also slightly full at the lower midrange making it perfect match for my class D Rowland 102.
I run shotgun Satoris as well and agree with Kijanki. Assuming you like the sound of the Adagios, why wouldn't you at least try the cables born from the mind of the same designer (such a rare opportunity)??? Especially since they're in your price range used and you could sell them for little/no loss if you find something better. I don't get it, but best of luck.
Best darn value in speaker cables that will equally perform against cables costing $3K. Audio Art Cable out of San Diego and their SC-5SE cables. Ten foot pair costs $705.00 and are far superior to Morrow Cables. Have very high quality locking banana connectors. Check them out for yourself and the reviews. Remarkable quality.
Better value is Cabledyne. Choice of copper or silver depending on your budget. Lots of reviews now on their site (may have to try them anyway). I own their power cords and they are still serving me well.
Sonic_genius...Checked out the Cabledyne site. Very impressive quality and prices.
Avondale Audio Black Link. Awesome cables from the UK for NAIM but I use them with Joule Amps and Audience ClairAudient speakers and they sound at least as good as the Nordost Frey I had in this system before. I use a 12ft run and I think there's something about them that makes them so good for long runs. Flexible too which is great. Under $300 for the 12' pair that I'm using.
Acoustic Zen is an excellent value cable..
If you get Anti-Cables, they come with a money back return. The only way to hear a cable is in your own system....every cable sounds different. I have level 3 Anti's bi-wired.....very pleased, but You have to like your choice.
I had level 3 anti cable they are good but i sold them and bought AZ's Satori..Anti cable - very neutral.
Satoris perfect for my system.

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AZ would be great choice. Some time ago I tried Anti's and I've used all AZ cables. Satori was better, much better then Anti cables but Anti cable was the basic model, the only available at that time.
Im sure there will be kind of synergy when using both AZ products. The same house of sound.
Nobody here listens to Signal Cable Silver Resolution? They are less expensive still and the best sub $1000 cables I've heard.
Cabledyne, Audio Art Cable, and Morrow Audio...
I second the Signal Cable's Silver Resolutions speaker cables.


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How about the Clear Day speaker cables.
Used solid core AQs of the "PFC Copper" level are a bargain in the used market. Cables are interesting in that I think people (including me) love what they hear at a certain price point (it's tough to audition cables in any meaningful way) and feel they're DONE.
Mapleshade Single or Double Helix
VDH "The Inspiration".
A true reference cable at a bargain price!
Check out clear day double shotguns. Paul will demo you a pair; awesome awesome guy!

I ended up going with signal cable silver resolution because in my system, they had better bass response and cost half as much. The clear days did sound more fleshed out and better overall but at the time I couldn't justify the cost; I may revisit them someday though :-)