Best value in 5 chan. power amp under $3,000

What is the best value in a new or used 5 channel power amp under $3,000? It will be hooked up to an Integra DHC 9.9 and play though Paradim Studio 40s with a CC-690 or Paradigm Sig S4s witha C-5 center. 80%HT/20% music


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Don't know if it's the absolute best for under 3 large but the Theta Dreadnaught, used, is right up there.

The EAD Powermaster amps are also very good.
Try the Krell KAV-500 5-channel version. Totally effortless amp with excellent bottom end control and clean sweet highs/vocals.
Theta Intrepid 5 Ch 100 watts. These are great amps and they sell for less than half of your $3,000 budget.
Consider a Parasound 2205. 5 x 220 watts will offer great performance at a decent used price point- check on line reviews. Take the $1500 you did not spend and buy more gear.
For Surround its the processor that makes it and I Parasound the Halo line both amp and processor
Find a used Proceed AMP 5. Unbeatable value.
I had a Sherbourn 5/1500. I bought it new from my local dealer, kept it for several years, and sold it when I went to individual monoblocs.
This amp has 5 monoblocks in 1 chassis. Think of a Bryston 9B SST with more power & a less fancy casework.
This amp was very dynamic, and trouble free.
Anthem Statement P5.
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I would go class D amps for the neutrality, power handling and power saving. I've used mch amps from EAD, Theta and Proceed before. They are all good, and each has merits. But ultimately for HT I would get class D, save money and power, and invest on speakers or better display. Rotel class D amps are very good and can be had for below $2000.
Krell Kav 500
I know, I own one
2nd Anthem P5 also check out Parasound A-51
Absolute value? Emotiva
Used Integra Research RDA-7. Designed by Balanced Audio Technologies. It weighs @ 100 lbs. Great amp can be found used for @ 2K.

I've been using one for about 7 years and love it.
Just heard the Wyred amps at RMAF. Pretty hard to beat for the price.
I would go with Entrope on the Parasound 2205A or At. This amp is very good for the money. Sounds great and has alot of power thats hard to beat for the price
I have my integra dhc 9.9 connected to both a Cary 7 amp and Linn amps for the frontlinn 242 speakers and the cary to the center Linn 225 and the surrounds and backs Linn 104.
The Linns are better,but not by a whole lot . used about $$1400 I had the fronts Kirksaeter silverline 210( way under rated speakers) and again it was very excellent.