Best value components with design signature

Would love to have a list of best value components to audition which capture sonic strong points and signature of best of line, and to have those strong points identified (e.g. Krell base, CJ soundstage/sweetness)

Would like to limit this to a list of real achievers.
Anyone willing to help?

Blue Circle - Accurate reproduction of music.

Gilbert Yeung will let you read all about his design philosophy at:

It is amazing that some of Gilbert's gear has been around for almost a decade and he currently is only 30 years old.

Sugarbrie, Note from other posts that you own and
enjoy B&W speakers. Good match to blue circle?
How is bass compared to krell?
Yes, I do have Blue Circle / B&W Combination and I do enjoy it very much. The Soundstage reviewer of the Nautlus 804s used some Blue Circle equipment (and others) as part of his test. They also used Krell on the Nautilus series.

I really think "accurate" describes Blue Circle, so the bass is accurate, which means the whole sound is well balanced (accurate) from highs to lows.

Thanks for the feedback