Best used VHS player....

Obviously DVD/Blu Ray is where the current buying or renting format is at.....but I have several good VHS movies and do not want to spend the time/money to replace them..... So the question is: what do you feel is the best sonic/picture quality in a used VHS unit? Price is a factor.....and the fact that my entry level Sony is on it's last leg.... Thanks for the help.
I may have a couple of old VHS units lying around. If you're interested, send me an e mail and I'll look around the house. If I have an extra unit, I'd be happy to let it go for a token plus shipping and PayPal. The only thing is that I haven't used VHS in a long time. I have no idea if the unit is working.
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I have a Sony 4-head, hi-fi unit that is very good. I hardly ever use it anymore.
I second the Mitsusbishi S-VHS I had one and sold it but should have kept it. I also have a JVC S-VHS 9900-U that does a very good job on sound and video. I still use it wo mainly watch old concert videos that haven't made to DVD yet.
Thanks to all for the input.
JVC HM-DT100U would be my choice.