Best Used Turntable for around 1K

The upgrade bug has hit again. What would be the best TT/Arm combo available that you can find for around 1K? I presently have a Rega P3 that I feel doesn't bring the most out of the Benz Glider or the Clearaudio Arum Beta S cartridges that I have.
The term "best" is highly subjective, and will elicit alot of different answers.

I would recommend listening to as many of the used TT's from the "name brands" as you can, and make your decision based on that.

Use the cartridges that you are planning on using for the auditions.
I was going to suggest a Rega 25 TT, but maybe you're jaded on Rega. But do you have good vibration control? The lack will wipe out big quality differences between turntables. I recently changed from a $550 retail air bladder-plus-roller bearing platform to a Neuance Shelf, and got a major improvement. I consider Neuance Shelves to be one of audio's biggest bargains, currently at $175 for the latest model.
Well Tempered Classic...though they are hard to come by.
Read my posts--search the archive! Be open minded...
Look for a VPI HW-19 Mk3 or Mk 4, which sell used at about this price. You may also be fortunate enough to spot a VPI Scout (with JMW-9 arm) for about this price (they are still new on the market and retail to $1500). The Scout/JMW-9 combo just got an absolute rave review in one of the high-end audio mags, and the HW-19 Mk 4 was listed in TAS's "Recommended Components" as one of the best values in high-end turntables.
If you modify the Rega P-3, you will get better results: rewire the arm w/cardas wire, clips, cardas box w/rhodium jacks, use a golden cross interconnect to your phono pre. Then replace feet with walker audio valid points, then change mat to audioquest sorbethane. I did all these, each made an improvement in resolution. I also have my rack shelf replaced with a custom made 1/2" thick solid steel shelf, heavy as hell but super dead and super rock solid. I now have a P-9, better table, but I think the P-3 is pretty darn good in the 1K range and hard to beat.
Xie, Steve Rochlin of and Thorsten (European reviewer) did the comparison of a P3 vs stock Technics 1200. No contest--the real turntable won...
A good "plug and play" and forget it turntable setup is the Music Hall MMF-7
in order
Rega P-25 becouse of the great tone arm.
Clearaudio - Champion Great Turtable. and Looks to kill
Music Hall - MMF-7 can't beat the great used Prices I have this Table and Love it!
then Maybe the Basis 1400
and the on to a used VPI