Best USED Transport for under 2,000

I have an EAD Signature 8 processor running a Levinson 336, which is driving B&W Nautilus 802s. I want to use the EAD's dacs. I'm not finding many transport (as opposed to CDP) reviews other than for the most expensive units. I'd like opinions on units that are 2-4 years old which now sell used for $1,000 to $2,000. Alternatively, I'm considering a Sony XA777ES as a transport for redbook since I could use it with the EAD's bypass mode for SACD listening. You can get the XA777ES for $2,000 (or less), so I don't think that used redbook-only transports over $2,000 make any sense for me. Thanks in advance for your input.
I can't tell you what the best used transport is for under $2,ooo but I can tell you the best transport I have heard and it is well under $2,000 new. I use it with an Audio Note DAC Sig 4 1.x and it does quite a job. It is the Vecteur D-2 and costs about $1100 new. It is imported by Mutine and there is info and review on their web site.
Completely agree with the above recommendation--heard one--loved it, but was swayed by the Theta name and have regretted it ever since. Don't get me wrong, my Theta Data Basic II really is excellent, but for 200 extra bucks I coulda had spectacular. Get the Vecteur.
I agree with the two above in your range - the Pioneer S95 is also a great transport which can be gotten on this site for 995(new) even though discontinued. I owned a 777ES - didn't like anything about it.
I bought my Mark Levinson #37 about 2 years ago for
$1800 used. However, that's the cheapest I've ever
seen it advertised. When available, they typically
go for $2000-2400. It is an outstanding transport,
well made and very elegant looking.
Levinson #37 or Wadia 20
Theta DaViD's can be had these day's for under $2000.00 and they kick butt :^)
at least hear a cec TL2,its a very different sound than the sony 777es,more like a moving magnet cartridge as opposed to a moving coil,but it does make cd,s more lush sounding,have fun
Until you hear it, you don't know what's missing. This is my comment to this unknown piece of gem, probably the best transport deal of the century (made in 1996). Cello only recommended this as Transport-of-choice for their all Cello system. The original cost was $3600, but lately, the Ebay price typically $500.

All I can say is this transport smoked my 'Stereophile Class A' ane 'Class B' rated transport.

However, Marantz SA14 as a transport (redbook) is better, but at 4x the price.
Thanks for all your responses - they're very helpful. The list now includes the following: Vecteur D-2; Pioneer S95; Levinson 37; Wadia 20; Theta DaVid; CEC TL2; Marantz CDR 620. I am familiar with the Levinson 37. Anyone out there hear any of these head-to-head with the Levinson?
Don't forget the Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 Stereophile Class A
@$800-900 used.