best used transport 400-700

recently acquired EVS Millenium II Dac

wanting to get a killer transport to mate with it
Currently using Cal Icon via coax digital out

ANy recommendations?
Cal delta looks like a nice upgrade, any others?


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Theta Basic II. There was one on Audigon for $495 -- a steal, and much better built.
I ran a Delta with the Millennium II and thought it worked nicely. You might want to look for a Theta Pearl, G & D Transforms, Wadia, etc... They will cost more than the Delta but also perform better. Cosmetically, the Pearl would be a good match for the Millennium ( if that kind of stuff influences you ).

Out of curiosity, how do you like the DAC ??? Please "tell it like it is" as i'd like to compare notes. Sean
Sony dvd 7000 player- astonishingly clear Look here- I can confirm their findings (great video too).
please read
The Theta data and data II use transport mechanisms which aren't manufactured anymore.
EAD transports -- viz., the pioneer stable transport mech., like the thetas, no longer manufactured. Great products however. Also I wouldn't expect very large differences in sound based on upgrading the transport a step or two. Cheers.
Theta data II, EAD T1000, or EAD T7000(cd/ld), Monarchy DT40b universal CD/LD. I have Monarchy DT40b coupled with EAD DSP-700 MK2 this overall $700 combo blows away cd players like YBA, Muse, Krell which are way over $1k
Mejames is correct about the Data and Data II using discontinued mechanisms. This was confirmed for me by Ed Deitemeier with Theta Digital. He said they were looking for sources for the Phillips CDM-9 which the Data uses.

I bought a used Theta Pearl 5 months ago for $600 on Audiogon. I like this piece very much. It uses the Pioneer Stable Platter as do the Jade and Miles. At the time of my purchase, Pioneer was still manufacturing this mechanism. However, someone stated here in the forums recently that Pioneer had stopped production of the Stable Platter. I haven't confirmed this, so I'm not sure if it's true or not.

Either way, Theta makes a very good, affordably priced [used] transport. And the others mentioned here are definitely worth a look too.

Good luck and happy hunting!
Stay away from the Delta it's jitter is too high. Use
a jitter reduction box if you must use this transport.
You have to pay at least $1000 to get any good transports
these days. Get a used Wadia, Theta, PS Audio Lamda, Sonic
Frontiers or Resolution Audio Cesium transport. Look for
Class A rated, used transports through a dealer you trust.
I owned a Delta for awhile, but sold it and got a Parasound CBT-2000 which was much better. For less than $400, suggest you get an Aiwa XC37M changer for about $90 and get it modified by Stan Warren for $150. This will only output toslink so you may need a used Jitter reduction device to convert to rca or balanced. However, it will probably rival or beat any transport, new or used selling for under $700. It is awfully close in performance to my Parasound.
All I have to say is: Audio Alchemy DDS-PRO with I2S output into an I2S DAC. This transport is the best AA ever made. And, I2S is the best way to move digital data.

Got mine DB II about six months ago and it was the single biggest improvement yet to the rig! At the time I was running CDP w/ DIP inline and using mega buck digital cables from Electra-Glide and Cardas. Easily the Theta turned the whole show around and no need for the DIP or Electra glide digital anymore. SOld them both for nearly the cost of the Theta and still have the CDP as back up! Philips mechanism no longer made but Theta is working on this issue as I have talked to them personally more than once verifying my transports service history. IMO For $500 or a little more you cannot beat this transport!
I'd recommend finding a used Wadia WT-3200 or a WT-2000. Several have been available recently and represent a great value in used audio.