Best Used SS Amp For VTL Preamp?

I need some input on a very good used SS amp to mate with a VTL TL 2.5 preamp with Infinity Kappa 8.1 speakers. Thanks for any input.
Not sure on your budget, but my new VTL TL2.5 preamp($1950) works very well with my Plinius SA102 power amp.
Great synergy between the two units. Good luck.
many choices for this fabulous preamp, I have one and have used it with Linn, consonance. I know people who have had good luck with Bryston,probably any amp you like will sound great with this preamp, hey try a vtl tube amp for grins
Just remember that VTL recommends having an input impedance of at least 47k Ohms on your amplifier to avoid any bass rolloff. I believe that Parasound makes some reasonably priced amps that would fit the bill.
I'm using a Bryston 3BSST on the tail-end of my TL2.5 mated currently to Linn Keilidh speakers. Interconnects are Van Den Hul Integration Hybrid. This is a great combination, very revealing, with lots of midrange detail. My local high-end dealer Ovation Audio has sold quite a few VTL pre / Bryston power combos.