Best Used SS Amp For VTL Preamp?

I need some input on a very good used SS amp to mate with a VTL TL 2.5 preamp with Infinity Kappa 8.1 speakers. Thanks for any input.
Not sure on your budget, but my new VTL TL2.5 preamp($1950) works very well with my Plinius SA102 power amp.
Great synergy between the two units. Good luck.
Well, now are you ready to try an Odyssey Stratos?
many choices for this fabulous preamp, I have one and have used it with Linn, consonance. I know people who have had good luck with Bryston,probably any amp you like will sound great with this preamp, hey try a vtl tube amp for grins
Just remember that VTL recommends having an input impedance of at least 47k Ohms on your amplifier to avoid any bass rolloff. I believe that Parasound makes some reasonably priced amps that would fit the bill.
I'm using a Bryston 3BSST on the tail-end of my TL2.5 mated currently to Linn Keilidh speakers. Interconnects are Van Den Hul Integration Hybrid. This is a great combination, very revealing, with lots of midrange detail. My local high-end dealer Ovation Audio has sold quite a few VTL pre / Bryston power combos.