Best used speakers around 500 for clasic rock

I'll be in the market soon for some used speakers that will sound good in my lingroom which is 13'6" x 15'6" They will be tied into a carver amp & CJ PV10. I listen to southern rock, clasic rock, blues & some jazz rock. The problem I have is that there is no other place except against the short wall with no room to come out & over unless I want to move the speakers out every time I listen to my system & even then there isn't much room to move out. I listen to alot of music I record myself in a "rock" concert setting so image & soundstage are very high priorities.
Consider Spica TC60's. An excellent all around speaker in its day (and for the $ today). An imaging champ.
Classic rock, dude! Why JBLs of course; that's what "Free Bird" was mastered on after all! Snag some L36, L112 or 4311 studio monitors for high sensitivity, high output and that JBL bass. Not real popular in audiophile circles, but neither is Southern Rock. Leave it to the audio nerds to play their copies of "Famous Blue Raincoat" on their wimpy speakers and shinny up to the JBL bar and pour yourself a tall one.
Funny you mention that, I had some old JBL's that I loved & handed down to my father after I replaced them with new ones(forget the model #'s) & hated those so I traded them in on the Polks I currently have. I don't know if they are exactly what I'm looking for. I keep hearing recommendations for Maggie's or Klipsch's & think I'm leaning in that direction.
A set of the older style Infinity Kappa's or RS series will rock your house. I can't comment on the newer Kappa version (.1 stuff). I had a set of Kappa 8's hooked to a set of Adcom 565's & put that system together strictly for rock.

There's a sweet looking pair of RSIIIB's on the 'gon right now that's not too far off your price. At least take a look at them. Good luck!
you could maybe find a pair of Vandersteen 2ci's for that price. These speakers have a nice balance and go pretty low (around 32hz I think) and sound excellent with a variety of music. They will definitly play loud and sound good with solid state.
You cannot beat a set of cerwin vega at-15's at can pick up a pair of these for around $400 or less.Please listen to a pair if you can before spending any more money.I own a pair that are now 15 years old and they still perform flawlessly.
Try to snag a pair of Klipsch Heresy 2 on ebay. They usually go for around $400-$500 used. You can get them in a variety of nice wood finishes. They have a very high sensitivity so they dont need a load of power to sound good, just watch out if you have a bright sounding system as the horn tweeters and mids can sound very bright in the wrong system. Also the new Klipsch reference series is really good for rock. I own the Klipsch RF-3 and they sound awesome on rock especially with tube amps, I use a Jolida 302a and the combo absolutely rocks!!
I would like to upgrade amps eventualy but for now the Carver stays. Whatever speakers I do get should sound good with whatever low-budget used amp I choose in a few months. So I'm not tied into my TFM-35x for the future. I'd really like to find a used CJ under $500.00 if possible to compliment the pre.
B&W DM603S2 really rock when you turn up the volume.
They sounds like a much more expense speaker for rock.
I use a cj PV10A with a BK amp to power my Alon 1 speakers. They are excellent all around speakers.
A used pair should be in your price range.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Considering your placement issues I think the Klipsch and Linn products might work. I think your CJ might be just the ticket to tame the (IMHO) hot Linn top end.
I second the B&W DM603 ... not the most subtle, but they do certainly rock.
NHT 2.5i
Great bass
I will be third to say B&W ! I had those and they ROCKED will most amps!
What about my placement concerns with any of these speakers? Am I tied into the Klipsch b/c of their preference of being in a corner? Exactly where my speakrs are located now?
I think the B&Ws come with removable foam plugs for the reflex ports in case they're in corners or against rear walls. Corner placement will kill imaging, but I expect you know this.
Can't argue a good point!! JBL's are well crafted, rocking boxes. Keep those six inch drivers leaves the big un's for the rest of us!!
Yes the imaging is a concern of mine but I am kind of pinned into the corner with placement (pun intended)unless I want to move the speakers every time I want to kick back & enjoy the music. Which will also bring the speakers a little closer to my listening chair, approx 5-6 ft.
I second the NHT 2.5 ! They will make you beg for mercy !
Dude, glad to hear you are a rocker. I agree that any of the older Infinity Kappas are great at rock (kappa 9, 8 or 7), but be advised that replacement parts for those special "emit" drivers are tough to get so think about this carefully. But you can't go wrong with a Klipsch, those suckers ROCK baby! All of their older models are awesome with rock, especially if you like drums and impact, try Cornwall, Heresy, etc... Also you might try to pick up a pair of Snell Type C. I would also recommend the old Polk audio SDA series speakers, they range from small to huge, but they all rock. Good luck and have fun.
You might wan't to check out some British speakers like some of the older Mission 700 series. They were designed to be placed up against a wall. Maybe a couple of the Castle models that are currently on sale might work as well. They can also be placed near a wall. They say the build quality is excellent on the Castle's. I believe they make some of the cabinets for Proac also.
I have the JBL L-96's and the L-112's and L-100's have even better bass...You can have one hell of a rock speaker for little they have great accuracy and good soundstaging,,,,so you are actually getting a pretty good quality overall...
Klipsch. On tubes if you can get there. Rock on!
I agree with the older Infinity's, Jbl 4311/L100 series and I would like to add one other if you like imaging - The older Snell speakers - E series and up! I have a pair of E/II's that I use without a subwoofer. I also own Infinity,JBL,Klipsch and Def Tech. Klipsch is also a good buy the heresy's will need some sub help. If you can get Klipsch Chourus or Forte's cheap - do it. Corner placement is not a requirement for all Klipsch speakers - Just for the KornerHorns, Klipschorns, and maybe the Belle's, all others can come out the corner.
i have hung a pair of nht 2.5i upsidedown in a tight space. i still have the footprint on the floor for other stuff. half inch i-bolts into the t-nuts on the bottom (where the outriggers bolt into) use a washer and a nut to lock them in place. grill will go on upsidedown to keep name upright.

they rock too, i'm using a carver tfm-15 to power them but i could use more power. they are known for being the best for the money.

i also like my cerwin vega re-30 they to rock loud for about 200 used, 5 of them would make one hell of a theater set up.
I am using Vandersteen 2C's with great results.