best used speaker for around 2500?

tastes are jazz, pop, classical. I listen to digital (CD and SACD) as well as analog. The speakers will be mated to a Copland CTA301 tubed preamp and a Copland CTA505 tubed power amp- 67 wpc in pentode and 35 wpc in triode. required ASAP
Depends on the sixe of the room. Reference 3a's would sound great in a medium to small room and maybe newform researches in a larger room. Personal tastes rule in the area of speaker choice. have fun listening.

If you want an excellent full-range speaker, the Vandersteen 3A Signatures can be acquired for around $2500 on the used market. Even at MSRP, Vandy 3A and 3A Sig's are an excellent value, but at used prices there are very few speakers that compare. I have a pair of Vandy 3A Sig's, and listen to the same kind of music you do (plus blues), and prefer them to any speaker I have owned over the past 30+ years. Vandy speakers also mate very well with tube power amps, although your Copeland will probably have to operate in pentode mode if you listen at higher volume levels.
I do also listen to blues. room is 14 X 15
Why buy used when the PMC FB-1 or the Spendor SP-1/2E can be bought new for $2500? Both are excellent for mid-range detail and full, natural sound.
Vienna Acoustic Beethovens
Aerial 10t's !
I would suggest that you listen to a pair of ProAc 2.5 speakers. They are very musical and work well with tube equipment. They retail for $4500 and I have seen them offered on Audiogon for around $2500.
Try the VMPS RM2 Neo. Big brother just won best of show at the CES. I've owned VMPS for 8 years now and am afraid of trying another brand as you get so much for your money. If you are curious check out the VMPS thread at and read what's there and feel free to ask questions. Seriously, I've been through numerous components in the last 30 years and Brian Cheney delivers the goods. If you want to be amazed then check them out. Vandersteens, the 2ce which I've owned aren't even in the same class. Absolute sound on the FF3 has been saying it's been best at show since 99 and Anthony Cordesman on the older version of the Supertower said "these are the state of the art" Good luck
I have the RM 40's and a friend has the RM 2 's which also sound great - in fact better than the Andras I also have.
There is a pair of almost new Genesis APM1s on sale for around $2700 on Audiogon - these things went for $9000 new. Yes, Genesis is out of business, but parts are available... A very good speaker at that price.
You can buy brand new Living Voice Auditorium for around $2.5K. that would work very well with tubes.
Meadowlark Shearwaters Hot Rod...and with money to spare...
around $2750 to $3000 (depending on the "vintage"/condition) and try a pair of Merlin VSM-SE's. Great speaker, especially with tubes and your music preferences. They can also be updated to Millenium status at a reasonable cost (the Millenium version will set you back $7K plus new).
I had money to spare after buying my pair ( Hot Rod version ). Wonderfully extended, neutral and musical with a superb midrange. I have a Copland CTA-301 myself, with a Celeste W-4070SE and Ensemble Voiceflux biwire cables.
thanks for your input. A few look interesting. The Genesis, the VMPS, the Merlins, and 3A's.
I'd like to know where the used 10t's are that are $2500?
Someone had too much to drink or sumthin!

beemer (his used 10t's are worth quite a bit more than $2500)
I would also recommend the ProAc 2.5's, However, the bass can be overwhelming in rooms your size unless you have the capability to listen in the nearfield and have some absorbative furniture/acoustic treatments. Otherwise, save some money and get the ProAc 1sc's with a Sunfire sub. That's my traveling recording / monitoring system. Spectacular midrange and treble clearity and usable bass to about 40Hz. Add the sub, and you have a fantastic (and versatile) full range system for about $2300 (used).
I would pick up a pair of Von Schweikert VR4 used. They will work wonderfully in your set up!

The Dynaudio 1.3SE is the best speaker I have heard under 5k. Used here for 2k defines a "steal" to me.
I would suggest that you give listen too the Silverline audio Sonatinas II's
Very efficent (93db) sensitivity, very tube friendly, with
exceptional mids. And definately no need for any sub with
these. I won't even go into the quality finish (simply out
of this world) for between $2000-$2500 used.
Beemer, obviously you paid to much for your 10t's *LOL* so dont critizise the other guy to make up for your own purchasing problem.
I've seen them as low as 2000$ on Audiogon and I've seen plenty listed between 2300$-2500$ obviously there are some people out there that will still list them between 3200-4300$ but dont kid yourself, people that buy them at those prices are just suckers.
I am gtting a set of heavily modifies NEAR M50's for around $1K!Best speaker deal I have ever lucked into.They retailed for $2800 I believe.Better than any Metal Driver speaker out there I think.

I already have a set of M15's modified that are better than $3500 speaker's I went to audition recently.I am not saying that because I own them either.They did things better in the transparency department than my old Maggies to give you an idea.