Best used speaker for $2,000 for rock music

The headline says it all. I am looking for a change. I am selling my Proac Studio 250's. Why? I don't know. It is a brutal addiction. The Proacs sound beautiful. But I am looking for a classic rock speaker. Klipsch cornwalls or something like that. I need to feel it in the gut, know what I mean?
I need to know what the best speaker for classic rock in this price range would be.
Any Ideas?
IF you can find a pair of Snell B-Minors, you will be VERY happy. Around $1700, used. They play loud, have lots of base, thanks to 12" side firing woofers, and are known as great rock'n'roll speakers. They play everything really well, but really shine with rock and big orchestral stuff. Trouble is . . . it's hard to find anyone who wants to sell them.
Source Technology has a new speaker - 8.3DX - that should fit your needs --- if there is no dealer in your area, you can purchase a new pair direct in your used price range.
I own the 8.2DX and 90% of the music I listen to is Classic Rock and these do the job quite nicely -- the new 8.3's go lower in the bass.
800 - 599 - 7558
I don't have a finacial interest but I recently received the info on both speaker models if you want me to email them to you.
Best of Luck
You need to add Von Schweikert VR2s to your short list. In the right room, these speakers do it all and do it extremely well. This includes dynamic rock or metal. And best of all, they can be found on the used market for well under what you are willing to spend.

Dunlavy 4
vandersteen 3's....or older 4's.

The Aerial 10T is a Monster at $2200-2700 used. It will eat some of the above speakers for breakfast. They love to play loud! I am serious some speakers sound great at lower levels. The Aerials come to life under Rock and Roll concerts. They are great top to bottom and feature the new england style sound which is a slightly softer top end which is perfect for Rock as many recordings are less than steller.
jbl speakers
I second the JBL's!
Clear, loud, and clean on rock. Even their smaller monitors hold together well at higher SPL's. This applies with their slightly older speakers. I'm not real familiar with their newer designs.
Klipsch KLF-30 Legend Tower Floorstanding Speakers.
One 1” compression driver loaded horn
One 1.5” compression driver loaded horn ,Two 12” Woofers
I still use a pair for home theater setup.
They play loud and sound really good with rock and have a ton of bass.
should be able to find a used pair for around 1000.00 or so.
They are big so you will need space for them.
Im not a BIG JBL fan. However, I would agree that they are very good speakers especially for the rocking dynamics you want. I have heard the 250Ti's some years back and liked them for their excellent dynamics..There is a pair of 250's for sale here on Agon(not the Ti version) that fits your price range, Happy Listening-Ken
Klipschorns, or chorus2 and klf30 Actually, Reading other threads above, I have heard most everything up there except for Schweikert VR2s, and I know k-horns will blow them all out of the room {literaly}!Hook up some 600 watt monoblocks, and put your seat belt on,compare to the JBL, cant, they are in a different leauge.
Energy Audissey 5+2 about ($900/$1000 used)
If you have the amps to push them properly, Thiel CS3.6's can rock out pretty hard (and still sound killer on jazz and classical!).
klipsch rf7 a used pair for 1000-1500 (demos? ) and sit back...everything you will need across a wide range of music...the horns are great...bring pink floyd/weather report/ your favorite to test them...the mids are amazing...