Best used solid state amp for Energy C8 1500 Max

My left and right mains are Energy C8's. These speakers handle a max wattage of 300 at 8 ohms and 93db room efficiency. The impedance range is listed as 8 ohms nominal - 4.5 ohms minimal. The Frequency responce is 28Hz - 25KHz(+/-3db). My listening room has dimensions of 17 feet wide and 19 feet long with a 10 foot ceiling. My preamplifier is a B&K AVP-3090 and I use Monster M550I interconnects. My CD/DVD transport is a Pioneer DV-414. I listen to primarily large orchestral music that emphasizes Brass. I am a tuba player so I am very critical when it comes to bass. I also want a solid state amp that has a nuetral to slightly warm midrange and treble. Prefering more of a warm sounding trebel and midrange. I have narrowed my choices down to a B & k Reference 2220, Bryston 4B-ST, Aragon 8008BB, Classe CA-200, Sunfire Stereo Amp (300 Watt), Rotel RB-1090. Since I must buy this amp used there is no way that I can audition these amps in my system. I like the Bryston's 20 year transferable warranty, but if it is going to sound cold in my system I do not want it. Which amp would you recommend?
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There is one amplifier I would highly recommend that was no where on your list. I like Bryston amplifier, but you should not pass up the Citation 7.1. It is a Madrigal product and is a 4 channel amplifier. 150x4 into 8 ohms, you have many options, from BIAMPING the C8's, which is a great idea, or bridging the amp to get 450x2, and this is a very high current amp! These can be had for about $1,095 plus shipping. That is VERY tough to pass up.

I have owned Rotel (1090), Parasound (2200 & 2003), NAD (2400 & 2700), Bryston (3B, 4B, and 7B's) and most recently, the McIntosh MC352 and MC-1000. I have used the Energy Veritas 1.8's and 2.8's, but currently B&W 801III's.
The point, after all of this, the Citation is as good as any of these and is a REAL bargain!

Resale is incredible as well!

My three cents!

Any suggestions,? the Bryston's still seem to be the best buy. The Aragon 8008BB is tempting but the 2 year factory warranty makes me question their build quality.
I would recommend the B & k Reference 2220. My friend has that amp. It sounds sweet with a touch of warmness. The Brystons are great amps. But there more a clean dynamic sound.
I would recommend Citation 7.1 for warm sounding and deep bass. I used to own ATI amp, the 5 channels one, and the power was good but gave me a huge headache after an hour of listening! Sold the ATI and bought the Citation 7.1. Now i can listen to hours of music without headache.
My 2 cents
I use to own and have heard many Energy speakers, and have used numerous amps with them. My favorite match has been the Odyssey Stratos with the 120,000 cap upgrade. Amazing amp. Smooth, dynamic, extended, superior imaging and depth that doesn't get conjested in complex passages as most all amps in this price range do, it is detailed, fast, very well build with a 20 year warranty and did I mention smooth. Vocals can be erie they sound so real, full, fleshed out, instruments can be in your room right next to you, you can reach out as if to touch them on good recordings. Not sure how it will mate with your preamp, which will also have a dramatic effect on the sound, as will your DAC, but if your system is lacking you'll find it will not be a fault of this amp. New they can be had for about $1300 to your door, used they are usually around $900, they have fabulous resale value. Go to to check the reviews, and for the homepage to read up.