Best used Redbook CDP for 1700

Your thoughts?
Sony e777es.
Meridian 508.24
Cary 303/100 (probably $1400)
XA7ES ($1000.00) Mint Used
1 Meter Pair of AQ Anaconda XLR or RCA ($500.00)

I will put this combo up against anything (Redbook) at twice the price....It is a shame this player is no longer made but they can be found..
Sony 777es died in comparison against 9year old PS Audio dac and transport. Sony was a joke! Soundstage on Sony was non existent, came right to the speakers edge. 9 year old vintage PS.went from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. I used the same discs and same Sonoran Plateau Signature IC,s and Sonoran power cords on both. Who would want to spend money on this poorly designed, slow moving tortise, nonmusical Redbook ripoff... Tom
I'll second the Cary 303/100. Think I saw one here for $1200.
Resolution Audio CD55 or CD50, the CD55 is better but costs a few hundred more.