best used Pre/Pro for $1000

I'm putting together a home theater system and already have a parasound halo a52 5 channel amp and wondering what would be the best preamp processor I could use in the $1,000 range. My speakers are Thiel Viewpoints as my front L and R, Thiel powerplanes as my center and rears and a theil SS1 sub. I've been thinking about a parasound C2 or integra DHC 80.1 or 80.2. Any ideas??
The Sunfires do a good job in that price range. Should be able to pick one up under $1000 pretty easy. I used one for years, and always liked it. Pretty good for 2 ch. Also.
Those are 3 nice options. Do you need HDMI inputs and outputs? 1.3 / 1.4?
What sources will you need to run through it? Phono/BluRay/HTPC/etc...

Have you looked at the Marantz AV7005??

What are your priorities? Video upscale/ audio quality?
Integra DHC-40.2 gets my vote. Street price is <$1000.
80.2! Does everything except 4K and does all well. Has Audyssey XT32.
I am really thinking of going the same way, A52 and either 80.2 or onkyo 5508. Please keep me posted on what you decide and who you got it from. Items are hard to locate.

Joe in Mobile
Kal is correct. The integra is the best bet, used, in your price range. Don't think twice, go for it.
I'd cross shop the Onkyo PRSC 5508/9 with the Integras. I believe that these are substantially identical to the Integra equivalents - but sometimes (not always) sell for a bit less $.

Good Luck

Globalize71, did you buy the set-up you wanted? If so, what is your impression of it?

Joe in Mobile
I noticed no one mentioned the now $500 Emotiva UMC-1? Anyone have experience with the unit as of late? wondering?...
Speaking of the 5508 has anyone checked current street prices from authorized dealers?

Im also interested in this unit but have not seen it discounted . Would anyone consider a refurbished unit? Seems Like alot of things to go wrong to buy used /refurb or am i wrong
I had the UMC 1 and didn't care for it. Major bugs(I had it with one of the final patches! Dont let anyone rell you its been fixed) and the bass management is flawed.

The Onkyo 886 can be had for around the same and is much better IMO

From time to time, Amazon will show discounted offers on the Onkyo 5508/9 from authorized dealers. You may have to visit several times and you may see some "open box" offers, too.
Martykl. thanks for the reply. I looking at 2K for a pre pro used or new. I wonder about the 5508-does not look like there are a lot of other options in this range....

Is the Onkyo PRSC 5509 available in the US? I looked at Amazon and the search results were negative. Googling it and I don't see any US retailers yet.
The 5509 is not available in the US.
For $1000 you can get a new Anthem MRX300, I got one to use just as a pre/pro.
Anyone have comments on the nad pre pros. I see alot of chatter on the onkyo units but not much on the nad. They are often available open box and refurb as well
I've had nothing but the best experiences with NAD equipment I've owned and still have an NAD receiver from the late 1980s. It's 40wpc is more dynamic than 80wpc receivers from other brands. I also owned an NAD stereo preamp for almost 17 years. Absolutely loved it. I have not used any of their newer home theater stuff, but my experience has overall been excellent with their products.