Best used or new DAC under $3500

What would be the best DAC for under $3500, new or used? I currently use the Chord Dave and I LOVE it. However, I'm looking to downgrade to save some dough. Some reference points:

1) Yggdrasil:  Sold it as the staging was too narrow/flat and it seemed a little lifeless
2) Ayre QB-9 DSD: Feel its a bit too bright/tizzy - at this point I'm done trying Sabre DACs.

Can anyone recommend a DAC that is not a mainstream sabre chip based DAC? I dont mind it if its an older generation or vintage DAC either - Just something I can get for under $3500. I don't want a discussion to defend Sabre DACs please.


The best DAC under $3500 is the one that sounds best in one’s audio system/room. There is no such thing as an outright “best” DAC on it’s own. As this thread gets longer, the list of “best” DACs suggestions will continue to lengthen.
I don't believe that most posters are stating their recommendation is"best" but rather they're amongst the field of worthy high quality choices. 
I have compared my AN 3.1 balanced to my Oppo BDP105D modded by EVS. The mods made a huge improvement over the stock unit but, in the end, the AN just had a more real, “being there” sound, at least to me. I would listen to the AN if possible. 
I heard the AN 5  $50k! with AN speakers and top of the line Atmo Sphere amp and pre at an audio show which blew my mind.  It was just right for the smallish hotel rooms that are typically used by most presenter and this was awesome.  I found a 3.1 balanced and will not
be selling it, maybe ever. 
OP; out of curiosity, will you be using this DAC mostly for playing Redbook PCM content or streaming using a NAS or one of the popular music streaming services? Ruling out the delta sigma chip like Sabre, etc., implies your main application is PCM- based content. Is that a correct assessment?
(Not the OP but thought I would chime in)
I use my AN 3.1 balanced for master quality Tidal and it sounds much better than any of the red book cds I play. With this DAC, supposedly everything gets squashed down to 16/44.1, but it will still play 24/88.2 DSD out from my Oppo. I am not sure why that is.