best used multichannel amp for the money...?

m trying to decide between the following ,

And ive heard pretty good feedback on these, anyone have any recommendations?

(Most of the time ill be using it for stereo with my B&W 703's.)

-Rotel Rmb-1095 -Emotiva Xpa-5 -ParaSound 2205a -Sunfire grand cinema (200 watt version) -Ati 2506

To bad this forum doesn't support polls...
There is no definitive "best" of anything. There are way too many variables involved. The "best" you can hope for is to find something that works well in your system. You can then say it's the "best" for you until you find something you think is better !!!!
I'll go with Bryston 9Bsst
Cary cinema amps would be a good value.