best used multichannel amp for the money...?

m trying to decide between the following ,

And ive heard pretty good feedback on these, anyone have any recommendations?

(Most of the time ill be using it for stereo with my B&W 703's.)

-Rotel Rmb-1095 -Emotiva Xpa-5 -ParaSound 2205a -Sunfire grand cinema (200 watt version) -Ati 2506

To bad this forum doesn't support polls...
I'm sure they have their fans, from whom I'll catch hell for this, but I want true-high-end-quality sound from my multichannel* (MC) poweramp, and I stay away from Rotel, Parasound, and ATI. I know nothing about Emotive and little about Sunfire, and I expect the fans of Rotel, Parasound, and ATI will write that I know nothing about those brands, too.

So for whatever it's worth:
1. I've had many MC poweramps over the years, including B&K, Proceed, and Outlaw;
2. For the less-critical channels (center and surrounds) of my multichannel system, for a few years I've been using Marantz MA500s, the narrow, black, 125W-into-8 monoamps**.
3. In the process of improving the overall sounds but especially bass output of my CC speaker, I've listened to a few known-high-quality monoamps driving my CC speaker and discovered that my best-sounding, much-improved MA500 sounds a little harsh/edgy. I then started shopping for an affordable MC poweramp.
4. Not wanting to spend MANY thou$ands, I reduced the used-amps list to c-j's MF5600 (125WPC, affordable, and rare), MET150 (150WPC and NOT very affordable at $8500RR when new), and McCormack's DNA-HT5, 'HT3, and 'HT1, all 125WPC and the latter two 3-channel. The MET150 and the DNA-HT5 are easily available.
5. Since I have a pair of McC DNA-750 monoamps (650 into 8) driving my Vandersteen 5As and in which I've improved some parts and which help make my system sound the BEST it ever has, I was partial to the McCs, and since I’ve found NONE of the other 4 amps, at least used, I ordered this week a refurb’d DNA-HT5 from Spearit Sound for $2195, delivered. This is silver-gray faced; black-faced models are also available.

If this McC amp sounds as much better than my MA500 as the ‘750s did in respect of their predecessors, I’ll be LOVING it.

Do consider at leas the 'HT5; I believe you won't be sorry.

* Congratulations–-you’re among the mere-dozens of English speakers who knows that ‘multichannel’ is one word and NOT hyphenated.

** Oh how I HATE the term ‘monoblock’. If a single-channel poweramp is a’ monoblock’, a stereo poweramp is a ‘stereoblock’ or 'duoblock'. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really like my audio refinement multi 5. Only using 2 of the channels now and was toying with the idea of going to a multi 2 if I can find one in black in the same condition as my multi 5.
The Rotel 1095 is a beast of amp. From what i know rotel test their amps with B&W, you dont have to worry about a poor match. Have you considered the 1085?
There is no definitive "best" of anything. There are way too many variables involved. The "best" you can hope for is to find something that works well in your system. You can then say it's the "best" for you until you find something you think is better !!!!
I'll go with Bryston 9Bsst
Cary cinema amps would be a good value.