Best Used Integrated under $2000?.....$3000?

Any thoughts on the purchase of a newer used integrated amplifier at the $2000-$3000 price point? Need 70+ watts.
McIntosh, Naim, Sim Audio, Bryston, Valve Audio, PS Audio, Pathos, etc.....?

Please only answer if you have experience listening to many amps over the years. Thanks
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As a dealer of a couple of the products you've mentioned. I prefer the Simaudio i-series (classic or evolution) over the likes of the Bryston and McIntosh. Both in their own right are good products, but I believe Simaudio is one of the finest products on the market today.

Specifically, which I know would be a stretch on your budget, the Simaudio Evolution i-7 is absolutely magical. When I directly compared it as well as the Classic series i5.3 to the Bryston B100-SST, they absolutely laid waste to the Bryston. We were actually able to clip the Bryston amp fairly quickly when mated with the Dynaudio Contour S1.4. The Sims had no problems and have a very balanced sound from end-to-end. The Bryston does have a good sound at low volumes, but it lacked dynamics and drive...I expected more from this product.

MacIntosh has been a staple product in the industry for many many many years, However, I don't think it's anything really special and to me it poses somewhat of a distraction with the front panel lights. That's being picky I know and this is just my opinion coming out. It has a pleasent sound, but I do feel it can be somewhat lifeless at times and sound flat.

PS Audio is a different sounding animal than all the others you've mentioned. You either like it or don't.

The Plinius 9200 is also a good option for you to consider.

In the end, I would be perfectly happy to live with the Simaudio's forever. I personally own the i-7 and the Dynaudio Confidence C1 monitors. I've cried many tears of joy listening to this combo. Try and audition for yourself if at all possible as our opinions are subjective and environment also plays a major role into the equation.
I have the Plinius 8200 and a Portal Panache which suit my tastes for not being bright.
Lots of great new integrated amps have come out lately, and many within your price range. I would look to listen to some of the new ones and buy new within budget or even end up with a relatively new one at a decent savings on the recent used market.

I like the Krell 300 personally, but Plinius' have also been impressive when I have listened to them. Have not heard the sim referenced above, but I like their amps in general (less familiar with their preamps).

There is a Mark Levinson Integrated (2830 I believe) that is reported to sound very nice. I have a levinson amp that I love and cannot see myself ever getting rid of!
A new Denon pma 2000ivr for only $1200...
A VAC Avatar Super
Conrad Johnson CAV50
I bought a Krell 400Xi which I'm growing fonder of by the day. Very revealing though. I compared against MF (artificially warm), McIntosh (harsh highs on their integrateds), Nait ($$$ and need to go separates for more power), NAD (Ok not bad for the money), Marantz (good neutral similar to a Japanese car) and others.

regards, David
Particularly if you spin vinyl, the VAC Avatar Super has really good tube phonostage as well as a full preamp - not just a volume control. Nice full sound. Very transparent.
if you can find the Chord 2600 it would be an excellent choice in the 3k range...fantastic integrated amp with full bodied sound, depth and soundstage...
Musical Fidelity and Jolida both make giant killer amplifiers. My friend bought a Nu Vista on audiogon for $ comes with a power condiotioner about as large as the amp and has incredible power, detail and musicality.

I owned an MF A3 integrated (wonderful little amp), which led me to a A3cr power amp (which stereo times reviewed as better than the NU Vista at only $1,400 new compared to $5,000 for the Nu Vista integrated or seperates), I paid $650 used for that, and coupled that with the new Jolida Fusion preamp that I bought for $950 new in September 2011(which Wally of Underwood HiFi rated higher than the very well reviewed Jolida Envoy at $1,500) for $$1,600 I have a pre/power combo than sounds better than $5,000 Cary and McCormack seperates I've spent several hours listening to when auditioning speakers. I've owned Conrad Johnson and Classe' components before (both were great) and this just blows them away.

I've heard the new Wyred4Sound 300 watt integrated is absolutely incredible for about $2,000, but I haven't heard that one.

Thanks, I always wondered about the Wyred's?