best used floorstanding speakers under 5k that has small footprint


I am currently using a pair of ATC scm40 v1s and are looking for upgrade them. I love its mids presentation and I mainly listen to vocals and occasionally piano and cello (no orchestra).

My budget is $5000 for a pair of used floor standing speakers, might be able to stretch a bit based on specific cases. 

The ATC 40 v1 is still relatively small in footprint as a floor-standing speakers, I would like to keep this trend in my next speakers. 

Let me know if you have any recommendations. Thanks!

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Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand.  Perfect for the types of music you prefer.
@motokokusanagi if I can find a 40a used somewhere I would jump on it. For now my best bet is get a 40passive v2 paired with ATC P1 or P2. Thanks.
You might want to check out the Elac Navis towers. I know they are under your budget new. They really are phenomenal and having listen to both speakers I’d take them over the ATCs which are quite good themselves. Plus you can sell your amps and buy more music!
Spatial Audio - open baffle dipoles with no box.  Three inches deep, 17 inches wide. Sound awesome 
Spatial Audio are nice sounding speakers, Vandersteen Quattros and 5s are smallish footprints, so are Verity Audio and Nola speakers especially with the Alnico drivers.