Best Used Floorstanders for Rock & HT under $2100?

I already own a pair of Quad ESL63s which are great for listening to classical, chamber and acoustic music, but I also enjoy listening to classic rock and need a speaker with some clear, clean, fast, accurate thump in the lower end to listen to classic rock on. The speakers will also double as the front end of my home theater system. I have a fairly large listening room. I will be using a subwoofer for home theater, but prefer not to have to use one when listening to to 2 channel stereo. Would appreciate any advice on speakers I could purchase for these purposes. Would be great if they are presently or frequently for sale here on the Gon. Thanks.

klipsch cornwall or forte ... not sure how they would be mated to a home theater receiver though
Someone's asking $2K for a pair of VMPS RM 40 ribbon towers on A'gon right now. I doubt that there are many speakers out there that will produce the kind of high output below 30hz that these will (I assume that meets your description for rock and HT use). Off a brief audition some time back, I'd say that they also sound very good.

Good Luck

Snell B-Minors or CV's.
i like the Klipsch suggestion above, and would also add Definitive Technology SC7000's as well. They rock hard, have built in subs, don't need too much power due to the powered built in subs. Both are great choices.
Great suggestions so far. Has any body got any input on the following speakers for sale right now on the Gon? In particular with an eye towards my needs for home theater and classic rock?

-Tyler Acoustics Ref III $2000

-Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Supertowers $1500

-Legacy Audio Classics $1500


-Alon Model Is $690

_Alon Model II Time Aligned $550

-Dynaudio Contour T2.5 $1950

-NHT 2.9 $800

-PSB Image 6T


I have been pleased with the fact and accurate bass from my Von Schweikert VR4 JR speakers. When listening to music I do not find a need to use a subwoofer. For best bass response each bass module should be loaded with >25 lbs. of metal shot. I purchased a used pair for under $2000.
PSB Stratus Gold.

You'll need a fairly high-powered amp to get to best out of its bass, but once you get an amp that pairs well with the Gold's, it fits your bill perfectly.

I've owned the Legacy Classics and the PSB Stratus Gold. Both like power, both would do very well in the system you are going to use them in. The Classics are much nicer to look at. Pretty much a draw sound wise, with a little deeper bass from the classics.
Wish I could find a pair of Von Schweikert VR4 Jrs for $2000!!!

Anybody with experience with Dynaudio Focus 220s or Contour T2.5?
I would look at the Paradigm line as well. You get the Studio 100's used in your price range and they will rock the house. Great for HT as well. The Tylers are good choices too.
The one, the only B&W 801 Matrix III
Energy Veritas 1.8 or similar
a new pair of cornwalls can be bought and delivered through amazon for about 2600 bucks. heresys for even less(1600)...given whats out there that is a 'great allrounder', thats a steal, if a bit overbudget. ohm 100's direct as well for a bit less. in both cases, a product that is a killer value(THEY ROCK), and does classical music as well. Used, the usual suspects...chapman, dunlavy, hales, psb.....
I too highly recommend the Von Schweikert VR4 Jrs. @ pairs available at or close to your price requirements today here on the 'Gon.
Interesting, I have PASS electronics too and didnt like the VR line.....I guess diffent strokes for different folks...
Gallo 3.1. Excellent bass even without the sub amp. Tight,fast and clean.
Thanks everybody for your input. I finally decided to go with a pair of Von Schweikert VR4s which I was able to find on a VS owners website for under $2K. I am eagerly awaiting their arrival. Should be about a week from now. Will let everyone know how they match up with my vintage McIntosh gear. Now, if I can only find some lead shot to load them with here in Hawaii.

I guess I'm too late to chime in here but I can't believe you guys overlooked the pair of Hales Revelation Threes for sale right now here on Audiogon. Even ten years on from when they were new there is still hardly anything being sold today that can hold a candle to those babys for overall sound and VALUE! If you have a good amp they would have been on my short-list for sure! -jz
...the New York seller even has the matching Revelation Center for Home Theater that he's willing to sell... all for way under $2,000! If you don't jump on those I may have to buy them and move my Rev 2's and Center to surround duty and upgrade to a 6.1 config.. LOL!
agree with john z....the hales will play with speakers costing more than a new automobile.