Best used DAC under $750.

I am currently using the DAC section of my Mac 2500. Would like to have a separate. Also would like xlr outs. Not looking to buy new or spend more than $500-$750. I appreciate your recommendations from your experience. I have owned several separates in the past. Antelope Gold, Wadia 121, AMR 777, April Music ??
Jolida, now Black Ice,  FX tube dac for $550.  Awesome sound but no remote volume or input.    Search for the Arizona audio club shootout.
I second the Schiit Gungnir Multibit.  If you want MQA, find a used Mytek Liberty.
Oppo Sonica DAC, if you can find one.  No question in my mind as long as you are OK without MQA... which you should be.
The Jolida Black Ice FX Tube DAC DSD with WIFI is $800. The version without WIFI is no longer in production.