Best Used DAC for 1000?

Looking for recommendations for used DAC for my PD 65 Pioneer CD player. Budget is $1000 but would like to spend less if possible to improve sound quality of dacs in the 65. Thank you for your help and input.

Definitely check out the EAD 7000 III d/a, I used it with a PD-65 and it was an excellent performer, plus it has hdcd and anti-jitter.
Can't be beat for $1000. Killed the Bel Canto and Sony SACD 777es in my system and was a draw with a Theta Gen Va.
I'll second the Audio Van Alstine OmegaStar DAC. I've seen them for $500-700 used ($1300 list). The most non-fatiguing digital I've ever heard, yet plenty of detail & bass control. BTW, I use a Pioneer Stable Platter CD as a transport as well, and find it's a great match. I use a Kimber Kable Digital X interconnect. The only drawback to the AVA DAC is that it doesn't have switchable multiple inputs, if that's something you require you might need an external switchbox. Or, do like I do & just switch cables if you want to use a different source.
I second the ModWright/Perpetual Tech P-3A as being an excellent alternative. You get the benefit of 24/96 upsampling and the modded version provides a very rich blend of musicality with low-noise and fine detailing. It's hard to go wrong and you can sometimes score a used piece for well under $1000.