Best used class A amp with Wadia 860x

Just purchased my first High end CD Player, a used (4 month old) Wadia 860x and now i need recommendations for an amp that will do it justice. I'm not sure if i should be looking for a Class "A" amp or other ?? My speakers are B&W N803's and I'm looking to connect the Wadia direct to the amp. I've been thinking that I should be looking for a used Mark Levinson, Plinius, Jeff Rowland or Pass Labs X Series. Any suggestions including model #'s would be very helpful. Thank's in advance, Jerry
Couple of years back, when i worked in Las Vegas, i had chance to meet, with BIG league in Hi-Fi world. In hotel/casino, where i worked, over the span of 10 years, Audio Research, Martin Logan, Classe, Theta, Mark Levinson and Wadia, had their "gear" set-up, in "our" "convention suits'". The last year, i worked there Wadia had their room shared with Avalon Osiris, VAC mono's and Z-SYSTEMS rdp-1 reference! Digital ONLY tonal control! It willalow you to corect the tonal inbalance between speakers and source. As i was told, this was their "Award Winning set-up". I know, it is a lot of money ($5000 new) plus for the Amp, but if you can afford? Go for THE BEST! I would also suggest VAC 30/30 Mk III, or VTL MB-450 sig. monos, coupled with Z-system. Don't forget that "....ultimate quality of 860x, is achieved with the internal volume control disabled" Regards!
Hi Jeraza, I think people would better advise you if we knew what speakers you will be driving with the amps. Also what your taste in music is, how loud you like to listen, which qualities appeal to you in reproduction of sound? The more insite you give the better your advise will be. Sincerely, Tom
I think the Pass Labs Aleph series is truly amazing. My Aleph 4 is a two stage pure class A and since they have been replaced with a newer class a/b line (x series), you can get them for great prices.
Hi Jerry, My mistake. I was in a rush and didn't read your post carefully. Of the amps you listed the Pass X350 would be my choice. Good luck, Tom
I have not had the opportunity to listen to the Rowland amps but I have the Mark Levinson, Plinius, and Pass Labs X350. I also have B&W speakers - the Nautilus 802. The Pass Labs X350 is not a good match with B&W speakers - too bright sounding. The Plinius SA 100 MKIII, which a friend owns, would be a better choice - wide soundstage and good sounding overall but a little weak on bass and somewhat laid back. The best choice would be the newer series Mark Levinsons. They are superb amps with B&W speakers. Initially I purchased the 334 (100 watts) then the 335 (250 watts) because I thought I needed more power. Turns out I didn't. The 334 had plenty of power for my 802's so they should also be sufficient with your 803's. Stick to the 334 and save some money. The Levinsons are rich sounding, resolving and dynamic without a trace of grain or harshness. They are the best match I've been able to find with my B&W's. Good luck Jerry.
I have an 860x driving Pass Labs Aleph 2 monos with excellent results. The speakers are Dunlavy 4s. Not a trace of brightness or midrange glare. If you really want to hear your 860, put a Powersnakes King Cobra on it, you won't be sorry
Accuphase amp will not drive well Eidelon,besides they are way overpriced in US. A50V costs in Japan $ 9000 and used they go for 5K . I 'd recommend Jeff Rowland 8Ti with Avalons.. Good luck Tommy
tommy Duzajabba, are you a dealer. someone else just recommended the 8Ti. It is expensive new
Yo Hillyg I am not a dealer, but I have personal experience with your speakers I had Ascent,Eclipse and Eidelon and they sound (if you like sound) the best with Jeff Rowland which are also possible the finest solid state electronics in the world. Good Luck Tommy
How about a Threshold T800D?