Best Used Cd Transport Between 1200- 1500


I need some suggestions from all you other
Audiophile Pros. The best Transport in the
Price Range of $1200-$1500.

Thanks for Your Suggestions
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My vote would be for the Theta Data III. I have had mine for about a year and have recently compared it to SACD players. I still love my Theta... You can pick one up used between 800 and 1100.
Try the Meridian 500 and you will probably even save some money. It has been in Stereophile's recommended components for years. It even sounds great with very high end DACs. I used it successfully with the Spectral SDR2000 Pro and Stereophile reports that they got excellent sound using it with the dcs Elgar. I recently compared it to my Sony DVD player(7700) used as a transport. The Meridian absolutely trounced the Sony. It also is not blown away by the very best transports out there. Smooth sounding yet without loss of detail.
don't miss, budy there is Meridian 500.24 integrated CD-player $2k on audiogon right now and sell your DAC to make an adjustment to your budjet. Havn't heard anything more "analogue" than that...
Audiomeca Mephisto I (not the current, much more expensive model). Available for around $1,200. - $1,400. Finest mid-range available - analog. Beautiful styling to boot. A great product.
save your money and get a Sonic Frontiers SFT-1; used 800-900 on Audiogon and rated Stereophile A