Best Used CD Player Under $500?

Hi Folks:

Looking for some budget conscious input here. Putting together a system for a friend. Current components are Harbeth Compact 7-ES2's and a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp. Looking for a well built, reliable CD player with good sound to complement this set up. New or used is fine but must be under $500. Suggestions?
Used Rega Planet 2000. Even better, a used Rega Jupiter 2000 may now be within that price limit
Don't overlook the NAD C515BEE.$299.00 new.I bought one to use as a backup to my Cary.I foolishly sold it thinking I'd never need it again.I have owned a lot of $500.00 and below cdplayers and this one was by far the best.There are several NAD authorized online dealers.Some offer free shipping.Do not let the low price fool you,this is a great player.
I had great luck with the Rotel RCD-1072. It was top rated for budget players and is really nice sounding and very well built.
Ok, my turn to recommend my favorite sub $500 player. A used Jolida JD100. There ya far, five different players that all sound different :-)

Isn't it funny how the same players keep getting the same recommendations, from the same users, over and over again.

Now I'm waiting for the Playstation 1, with $450 in mods, to be mentioned.
Thanks for the reminder Rooski. Aside from being a tad light in the bass, the Playstation 1 - the one with the RCA outs - smoked my Rega Jupiter 2000. Picked it up used for $35. at a game store. Although it is kinda funky using the controller to play the thing. Check out the review in Stereophile online.
Get an Oppo BDP-83 either new ($500) or used (~ $450). The CD playback is fine and your friend will also be able to play back DVD-Audio and SACDs, both of which are sonically superior to CDs. He'll also get HDCD playback as a bonus...

Anything Sony ES. The 707SE can be had for around $350. Check out some of the threads, though, there was one recent model of SACD player that had a lot of reliability problems.
two suggestions: Faroudja DV-1000 ($6000 10 years ago) $500ish now. Sounds identical to the ML39. The Sony DVD ES-9000 DVD player sounds almost as good as the SCD-1 for around $300 (with the SCD-1 still going for $1800)
I resorted to going with my Sony 3000 dvd over all others I tried. Just seemed lively and true to my ears
If you are interested in buying used, you will probably need to take what you can find. Here are some choices:

Cambridge Audio 640C (version 2) or 740C (both highly resolving, good bass for this price point)

NAD C542 (smooth, pleasant sounding)

Music Hall CD25.2 (well rounded)

Yes to the older Rega's

Yes to the Jolida if you like that warmer sound.

Yes to older Sony ES series

I don't think the redbook CD performance of the Oppo is up to these others, but its HD formats are very good.

Another option is to use whatever CD spinner you have on hand - even an old Toshiba DVD player from the Goodwill - and hook it up to a new Cambridge Audio DacMagic, which is essentially the DAC and upsampling electronics from their $1000 740C CD player, except without the transport and big transformer.
Thanks all. I found some money and can now spend up to $750. Other suggestions? Also, a friend wants to get into the act and has $1500 to throw at a player. The rest of the system is Krell 300si integrated and PSB Synchrony One's. Thoughts? Thanks!
For $750 - try to find a used Cambridge 840C, Rega Apollo or Marantz SA8001, or discounted NAD C565BEE. There is an NAD M5 listed on Agon right now for $749.

For $1500 (assuming this is a separate deal and not 750 + 1500 = 2250) - try used Rega Saturn, Raysonic CD168, Marantz SA-11S1, Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista or A5, Naim CDx, or new Cambridge Audio 840C or Naim CD5i.