Best used cd player under $1000

I am looking to purchase a used cd player hopefully in the under $1000 price tag. Any advice would be great. Please note that SACD is not important to me but cdr playback is.
I don't think you can do better than the Philips 963sa. It upsamples too AND does SACD as a bonus. You can get one for around $400 and spend a little on mods, if you want to make it even better. And I don't think anything under $2k can touch it.
Anybody agree? Or got anything better?
Happy listening!
jupiter2000 is very nice.
The old time JVC XL-Z1050TN, which runs about $125-175 routinely, has continued to surprise me with its fine performance for the money as a CDP, and as a transport, with full remote control facilities. Solid build quality is evident when you lift this component.
Even has an enjoyable headphone output, until later upgrading to an outboard headphone amp, which offers excellent private listening, provided the interconnects are of high enough quality.
A bargain hunter's dream, delightfully free of any digital listener fatigue, despite its vintage status. Maybe, not the best, but worth bringing to attention of those on a budget.
I'll second Jlamb's suggestion.

Rega Jupiter 2000.

Cool looking player and top loading.
It wont play SACD and doesn't upsample...but my Wadia 23 is a steal at a grand used(if you can find it) Wadia digimaster 19 bit res is good enough to hold its own on redbook cd today.I have owned Cary 308T, Cary 301, Philips 963, Cal Labs IconMkII, Rega Planet, and the Wadia is the boss here.BIG powerful bass and smooth midrange sound. Lots of depth and correct timber.A little dated now..but still Wadia's entry player in 1996 still rocks. I keep toying with getting an upsampled DAC such as Musical Fidelity's new 21 and using the Wadia 23 as a transport..maybe somewhere down the road. This Wadia wont break the bank and sounds much like its bigger siblings. Just My opinion of course.-Enjoy.
Vecteur L-4 is a real good one.
I prefered to the Jupiter and the Sony 777es which are also good in this price range.
If you see a Sony 777es for $1000 or less, buy it for me please! I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.
However....if anyone has one there.....
Good Luck!
A Classe CDP-1, is the best one I've heard for under a grand.
You can get an Arcam FMJ CD23T for close to that, and this is the route that I took for my office system. There are some killer new players in that price range, too. Look to the recent thread regarding Jolida JD 100 vs. Ah Njoe 4000 vs. Rotel 1072.

These are all very nice players that you should strongly consider. You may also be able to get a Theta Miles for close to that money, which is a stellar player.

would suggest marantaz sa-8260...i try to buy used when i can but pretty much all newer cd players will require service sometime due to reading errors/toc/transport issues. so gettigng one with a 3 year warranty is not a bad idea imo.

as far as the player goes.. the reviews are true. the redbook is incredible and very close to sacd (yes it is that good. the sacd is icing on the cake.

hope that helps,

Arcam cd92,cant say enough good about it,bought one a few months ago,7 bills should be price to look for.