Best Used CD player for under 1 K?

I am looking to buy a new CD player. I listen mostly to analog but would like to retry CDs. So I am looking to buy either an Audio Analogue Maestro, a Rotel 991, a Sony XA7es, or any suggestions that you guys might have. Aprreciate it! I used to have a Sony 7700 DVD as transport with a Bel Canto DAC (Not bad) but I am ONLY interesed in a single chasis CD player since I have managed to find THE amp!
Here are some more suggestions. A great cd player that also plays DVD A and Dvd's and the build quality is awesome is the Toshiba SD 9200. It did retail for $2000 but Toshiba has dropped the price to $1500 and you can buy a new one for near your budget. It weighs over 30 lbs, has a copper chassis, takes after market powercords and is excellent. Plus 24/192 of course but it does not upsample.

Audio Meca makes a player the Obession retail is $1800 it sounds very much like the Keops the bigger brother a $2400 player which is a top load but this player has a slide out tray. Very seductive and warm. A very nice looking player.

Then their is Alchemist out of Northern london they make the Product 8 one box player which is a 24/192 upsampler. Retail is $2400 and if you can find a used one or a demo you may have to stretch a few hundred dollars but it is the latest technology. It is drop dead gorgeous looking and is balanced and single ended.
Which amp?! I own a Sony XA7ES & I use the variable analog
output into my Pass Aleph 3 amp. I use the fixed single ended output into an Adcom GFP750, when I'm using my Rowland Model 2 amp. The Sony does have "balanced" outputs, but they aren't variable, and aren't truly balanced anyway.
I had a Sony 7000 DVD player, & now own a 7700, the XA7ES
beat them both in the bass department-I believe it's because the power supply is more robust. The DVD players did sound as good to me everywhere else, when I tried them in my dedicted 2 channel system.
What else is in your system?
Check out Musical Fidelity A-3 CD player. New at for $1195. Stereophile Class B.
The Toshiba unit mentioned above sells new for 650 at - the Pioneer PD 65 is a great player and even better transport for upgrading DACS later on - if you can find a Krell 30i on the used market it is really good.
If you like the sound of analog try Rega.