Best Used CD Player for 2,500 - 3,000

Any suggestion on the best used CD player in this price range. I am building a system from scratch, only have speakers picked out at this point. (Thiel 6s)
Muse 9 sig, Bat vkd5, Wadia 850 are good choices...I've owned them all and liked em...Wadia is good choice if you can skip the preamp...
When the new Audio Aero Capitole hits the streets, any time now, you may see a few of the current models for sale used, possibly for more than your price point but worthy of consideration nonetheless.
I would definitely try the Arcam FMJ CD23, which retails for about $2,295. I have owned Wadia, Theta and Audio Research, and I think that this Arcam FMJ CD23 can hold its own in any good system. As with any, carefully select the interconnect that joins it to the amp. I use Audio Research tubes and Silverline SR17's ... I've got very good sound!
I can highly recommend the Levinson M39 CD player as excellent if your budget can stretch to about $3300.-3500. for a used one. Good Luck. Craig
All good choices, but you should add a Electrocompaniet to your list. I have seen the mk1's listed for around $2200.00 and the mk2's for around $3000.00. Many people think it could be the best single box cd player around, I would have to agree! Good luck.
I agree with Mes with the new audio aero do out any day now, some are going to dump there old players. You wouldn't need a pre amp and it would blow EVERYTHING away near that price range. But if you must stick with new, check out the Resolution Audio CD-55, I am not sure if they are still being made but are a great player in that price range if they are.


One player that doesn't get too much mention is the Cary players. In your price range the Cary 306 would work. I have done A/B's between the Cary 303 and the Meridian, Linn, Rotel and Rega models and clearly liked the Cary better. Let your ears be the judge.
Lot's of good choices here! BUT...are you talking CD player, or just the transport? There are quite a few of either available, and lots have already been mentioned; if you are looking at a transport, check out Audiomeca's Mephisto II (you could team it up with an Aragon D2A mkII DAC - very inexpensive, but excellent results to start with). If you want a CD player, check out any of the used Naim CD players that fit within your budget - good sounding equipment and not HOT right now so a reasonable value.
I was thinking of a CD Player, not DAC/Transport combo. How would you rate the Sony SCD-1 up against the players mentioned here?