Best used CD player around $1500?

Naim CD5x and Ayre CX-7e? Others? Will use for classical music, Levinson 27.5 amp, Counterpoint Solid 8 preamp.
Naim CDX, Simaudio also good for that kind of money
I love my Pioneer DV AX10 @$750.
Raysonic pick a model! Find tons of reviews, add a little color to your system and perfect balanced digital playback all at the same time.
Creek Destiny CD player. It is often overlooked here, the more popular Destiny amp gets more press.
It is a first rate CD player, especially at used prices.
Easily competes with Naim CD5i, CD5X, and CDX.
There is a new one here on Audiogon for $1699.
Used one go for ~$1200.
I love my Audio Aero Prima Reference. Picked one up on Agon for $1600. Make sure it is the latest model.
Agree with Undertow, play with some tubes and it sounds wonderfull.

Good luck.
I think the Marantz SA11S1 is a solid performer and can be had for around the $1600 mark now.
Musical Fidelty A5 CD is worth a listen in that range
I'm first very happy with my Sony SCD777ES - and just try to feed it to Bel Canto DAC2. Sound is much better than build-in DAC.
I also try to feed DAC2 with my stock Denon DVD3910 - excellent soundstage and great sounding overall.
So if you don't mind extra spot on your audio rack + a digital cable - This is the best way IMHO