Best Used CD Player 1500-3000

Audio Research CD2, Cary 303-306, Wadia 860, ML 39 or Meridian 508. Or can you not go wrong in this group? Matching with Audio Research and B&W matrix.
Very good group - add the Krell 30i and Electrocompaniet.
Yes, indeed, a good group of players. Don't overlook the Linn Ikemi (used around $2,200 - 2,400). Lots of great options.
I like the Meridian in my system (ARC VT100 & LS16, B&W Matrix 802's) more than the 39 or Wadia 830.
cary 303/100 for less than $1500 would be my vote.
I'd throw in the Muse 9 Signature as a suggestion. Fabulous even if you use it just as a CD player (it does DVD as well). -Kirk
Please suggest one that can play CD-R as well.
Wadia will be hard to find a Wadia 860 for $3,000 or less. Have owned both units and the 850 is an awesome all around cdp plus you can directly connect the Wadia to an amplifier and leverage the digital volume control. Check other AudiogoN threads on the issue...there are many opinions on this configuration. Good luck...
Try the EAD theatervisionP Dvd CD player.
Tim Flemke
Electrocompaniet simply sounds more analogue than the others in the group, IMHO.
Sonic frontiers SFCD-1
You have a LOT of good choices at that price point in the used market. Any specific characteristics or features that you prefer or consider necessary ? That might help narrow down the suggestions a bit. Sean
My vote goes to the Electrocompaniet EMC, I agree with Subaruguru.
Your right Sean, I like the sound slightly on the warmer side. I like my Rega Planet (original), but now I'm looking for better detail and bass definition. I realized this when a friend let me borrow his Theta Pro Basic dac. I would, however, prefer a one box solution.
I owned the Audio Research CD2 and it was a bit finicky with CD-R's, but it is a wonderfully sweet sounding player. I now own the Meridian 508.24 and it plays all the CD-R's I've tried. The 508.24 is more forward sounding and does an excellent job of delineating each instrument/musician.
And the EMC-1 plays CDRs, at least mine does!
Good list. Don't overlook the very fine Linn Ikemi. I use it with B&W 803s and am very pleased.
If you want to stay in the same musical vein as the Planet, stick to ARC or EC or Cary. I personally prefer Wadia 850 1st, Meridian 508.24 2nd, but I like neutral and natural more than warm and smooth.
I chose the SCD-1 (mainly cuz it looks cool).
Excellent CD playback and SACD. Plus it's killer to look at. I've heard that the 777 is sonically more of less identical.

Since you have all tube equipment, you might want to try out a tubed cd player. I've heard the BAT and ARC units are pretty good. I tried the Tube gainstage Modwright XA777, it found that it sounded markedly better than the sony. It had the tube glory in spades. My system is a BAT vk5i driving a vt100m2 w/avanti speakers. The modwright player goes for 2000 new + ~2000 in modwright work = 4000.
Hey Tony you may want to seriously consider new units fresh out the box for under $2K. They are the Audiomeca Keops (no upgrade in planning) $1800 and the Audio Aero Prima $1800(upgraded this month). These are the 2 labs make the Mephisto and the Capitole.....
Haven't heard some of the newer models mentioned that might be worth checking out. With that in mind and your preference for "musicality with detail", i would have to nod towards the Electrocompaniet myself. I might not have heard all of the models that you listed, but i do know what i've heard and liked. I also think that the EMC would compliment / balance out your electronics / speaker combo. Sean
How about a new Bel Canto DAC2 ($1,300.) and a transport of your choice. Cal Delta used around $350. this promises to be one of the best setups at any price!!!! Just food for thought.
Thanks, looks like the only player to get multiple kudos is the Electrocompaniet, which I wasn't even considering. Anyone have an idea where I can listen to one in the NY/NJ area.
Hi -

There's a guy named Dan O'Brasky with a place called Audio Visionary in Downtown Brooklyn. He carries All the EC line.