Best used Amp under $2000 for CD-50

Hi Al; It's gotta be the McCormack DNA-1DX, about $1400. And if that doesn't provide enough of "everything"; well Steve McCormack offers 3 up-grade levels. Good luck.
I consider myself the stongest proponent of the Resolution Audio CD50 in this forum. I enjoy the Krell KAV-250a very much with mine, and think it would contend with, or BEAT, any other amp...especially under $4000. CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING THE BEST BANG-FOR-THE-BUCK CD PLAYER THAT HAS EVER BEEN, AND WILL EVER BE, MADE!
Carl- I'm sure Jeff Kalt of Resolution Audio would be quite pleased to hear you are the strongest proponent of his CD50, and I couldn't agree with you more that in all respects it's truly a remarkable CD only player. Your obvious knowledge and sincere feelings offered in your responses are evident, and I can see that you share your recommendations with all sincerity. I must say that in this particular instance however, if you were to ask Jeff specifically which Amp he would recommend as being the best choice for his RESOLUTION CD50, I wouldn't be surprised should he most likely first mention the MUSE SIGNATURE SERIES II MODEL 160 inasmuch as that happens to be the choice he made for his own system. By the way, you can get the MUSE 160 Stereo Amp NEW for under 2K, and their 175 & 300 Mono Blocks NEW for 4K or under as well. I'm quite confident the 160 would handle your ENERGY VERITAS 1.8s (6 ohm Nominal/4 ohm Minimun Impediance) speakers without even breaking a sweat. Of course being generally accepted that Mono Blocks have attributes often prefered over a single chassis Stereo Amp, and should you be given the choice, the 175's or the 300's could prove worthy of consideration as well. In addition you may want to check out the new web site.
Muser, have you compared any of those Muse amps directly with the Krell KAV-250a in the same system context? I mean, D'Agostino believes 2 channel is dead, and I don't agree with him about that either (hardly anybody in the world does). He still knows how to design and build an amp, though. Anyway, if you're in the southeast, you should bring your Muse by my place for a shootout. This one has beaten monoblocks.
I would like to thank everyone very much for all youe help and imput(carl,muser-thanks so much),hey carl i totally agree w/you,if there is a better cd player than res cd-50 i haven't heard it,so/fro sfcd1 is a toy compared,i'm still searching for the perfect match to the cd-50(is so good it will be a crime not to get something compatible)with all due respect to carls opinion i have narrowed my list to the ayre v-1,spectron musician,maybe the muse,i just don't think the krell has the delicate touch(it may be my taste),any other feedbacks or ideas will be greatly appreciated,thanks again guys!!!alfred
Try the Atma-Sphere M60 mark II OTL tube amps! Well thats what i have an am quite pleased. I still am struggling with the pre-amp decision. Steve
With all due respect to you, Alvin or Alfred, I doubt you've even tried the Krell 250a, so how could you possibly know for sure? In any case, I would say your Energy speakers are the weak link, and would likely make all but laid back amps analytical, IMHO. Try Maggies, Dynaudio, Meadowlark Shearwaters, Nova Applause, etc. Try cabling that would enhance warmth also.
Hey carl eber, just a quick question, do you happen to know what the maximum output voltage is on your beloved cd-50 is? I'm considering buying one but this might be a problem. P.S.has anyone ever called you tenacious?
That would be more of a compliment than an insult, wouldn't it? I'm not sure, don't feel like digging for the dusty box and owner's manual, so I'll try going to the RA site now...Oh well, guess you've already done that, since it's specs aren't there. All I know is, if you can use it balanced, the output is enough to make my Krell KAV-250a clip easily, with the loudest CD's. It can almost do it unbalanced, but not quite. If you could find out what the Krell's input voltage sensitivity is, you could compare that with your own amp's input voltage (they usually rate them with the "driving voltage required for full output", or something like that). In fact, I'll just look it up in the Audio buyer's guide, that'd be quickest.....damn, it's blank. OK, well, I think the Krell's is around 2's called "high level sensitivity".
Hello Baxman:res audio cd-50 is 2v via single ended and 2.5v via xlr outputs and you can't go wrong w/this player and you'll be hard pressed to find a better one at any price,much less at the used price they're going for,it's worth every single penny,believe it or not this is one of the few things carl is right about!(just kidding w/you carl) why is it that everybody's picking on you ah????? ACTUALLY CARL HAS HELPED ME A LOT IN THE PAST!!! Alfred.
I think it's because the dark side feels I know too much about their plans, and we all know what happens to people who know too much...
I agree with Garfish, definately the McCormack DNA 1 deluxe, I own a McCormack DNA-2 and McCormack TLC-1 passive preamp and love the combination, you can't beat the McCormack bass (Krell also has great bass) and closest to tube like sound from a solid state amp.
Hi Carl Eber, I enjoy your great input and knowledge. keep it going. Thank You sincerely, Donjf
Can someone tell me where to hear the Resolution Audio CD-50? I am in N.C. and am not aware of a dealer here. The only place I have heard of this unit is here on Audiogon. What are the prices new and used? Any info will be greatly appreciated. I can be reached directly @ Thanks in advance for your help...
Hi Goose:i don't believe they're currently on production,if resolution audio gets enough requests then maybe they'll make some more,call them they're great people 415-493-5090 ask for mike,i think the retail price was at $3000 which is really not bad for such a great player,used they're going at around $1800 more or less,Alfred.
For the Resolution CD-50, I've been told that there's a new version coming out soon. Contact and he has info on the new unit coming.