Best Used Amp/Preamp/CD Combo Under $1k

I'm looking to assemble a system based around my Triangle Comete XS speakers. I had at one point been using an Acurus RL-11/A100 along with first gen. Music Hall CD25. Unfortunately that system is no longer with me, but speakers still are and aren't going anywhere.

What I am looking for is to reassemble a system that is at least as good as my old one on a budget. Knowing I have to buy used it's important that any component purchased has a good reputation for reliability. The following are the top 3 most important things I'm trying to accomplish:

1) Achieve synergy with all Triangle speakers they are fast, detailed and easily show any flaw in your system. If they have a fault (for me), they can be too analytical with the wrong gear.

2) As lazy as it sounds, I really want a setup that includes a remote.

3) The WAF is important, but not critical. However I'd be lying if I said that even I don't totally care how the pieces look.

So here is my line of thinking. I might shoot for a used RL-11 again (hard to find these days) and pair it with a used Acurus (A100 or A150)or Aragon amp (2004). Or I could go with an integrated to simplify things, top two for me are Music Hall Mambo and Rega Mira 2000.

As for CD players, it's between the newer Music Hall CD25 and the Rega Planet 2000. There have been many discussions on the merits of these two, I'm just interested in how these pieces might fir together musically.

I will be using this system primarily to listen to rock (no metal), jazz and classical. I want a system where I can close my eyes and almost believe I am at the performance, be it a Mahler symphony or Clapton acoustic set. I'm not interested in specs, and unfortunately don't have the time or money to properly demo each piece individually in my listening room. So I am hoping the community has enough experience with all these pieces (maybe even together?) to help guide my next few purchases.

Do you have something against tubes? I had Cometes in my BR system and loved them with tubes. BTW I was running an AMC el34 amp with a CJ PV10A and a MH CD 25.2. Nice little system. I would say a nice little tube integrated with the MH player or a good used Denon 3910. You could probably get it done under $1000 with used gear. Personally I think Triangles shine with tubes. However, the MH 25.2 amp paired with a 25.2 player would look snazzy if you wanted to stay SS. I have never heard the amp though.
I have to agree the Cometes really shine with tubes. I have a Primaluna PL with el34 tubes and the Music Hall CD25.2.

Great sound, the tubes warm up and balance the Triangle's. Listening to a plucked guitar string vibrate is wonderful.

I think a Jolida amp would be a nice under $800 start.
I've nothing against tubes in general. However I've read that tube amps in this price range tend to not do so well with bass. I love the Triangles but it's not like they have bass to spare. Being a bass player myself, I'm not too keen on flabby sounding bass.

I've heard the Mambo is a "tube-like" SS amp. Can anyone vouch for this?
can't say about the mambo but the PL2 with kt-88's has some slam
The Mambo is great, class A rated power is warm. I believe it also has a built in DAC so any decent cd player will work great.

Your thought on Acurus amps is way off base. They are much more harsh, almost crude sounding. Extremely different than the Aragon which is warm class A sounding.
I still think you need to think tubes. You are asking a fair amount to come in under $1K. I did not think el34s could deliver the bass I wanted until I went to the TAD-60 amp and I was astounded by the bass. These can be found at around $800 to 900 used. A reat bargain. A good Class A SS amp may sound better than the Acurus equipment but only tubes will sound like tubes and only tubes will really bring your Cometes to life. Do you have any chance to borrow or audition a decent tube integrated like the TAD, PL1 or 2, or the Cayin 23T and listen to it in your room? I am sure you know the Cometes will only extend so low. I am assuming you want what Bass they can produce to be tight and crisp. I believe any of these amps will deliver in spades. If you could stretch up to about $1500 I think you can get close to the sound you are looking for.
If I had your speakers and 1K, I would pick up a used Rega Planet 2000 and a Jolida 1501RC (hybred) integrated amp. Lots of power, many cheap tube options if you want to tube roll, and I have heard the amp with Triangle speakers (not sure which ones) and the sound was good.
I use to have an Aragon 2004 MkII. Bass control was amazing on my older Mirage bi-polar speakers. However, the overall sound was dry, non-musical. From there I went to Counterpoint SA-220 hybrid tube amp and SA-2000 preamp. Yes, the bass control was not as good but the overall sound was much more musical, more depth, sound stage....airy. I was lucky to not have any mosfet issues with the amp since they are prone to failure. I also owned an AMC EL34 tube amp that was very nice sounding for the money but did not have the power to drive my Mirage (power hungry) speakers properly. I had to bi-amp using a solid state amp on the bottom which can be complicated and costly. I agree with the prior posts - an integrated, hybrid tube amp ex) Jolida, Ming Da, Cayin, TAD will probably give you the best bang for the buck. I own a TAD preamp and like it alot for the money. Pacific Valve Audio sells - Chinese made hybrid tube gear. Some of it offers good power, good sound, and at a decent price. Hybrid tube amps also have fewer tubes versus pure tube amps - so typically the tubes can last years. I know someone (NOT ME) trying to sell a Ming Da integrated tube amp for $500. I beleive it's 50 or 60 watts per channel. I've heard the integrated amp through some Paradignm speakers and was impressed. However, the bass control was NOT great.
Lastly, this same person also has B&K 2020 (I think) solid state amp that is not for sale. He has the B&K in another system with a NAD 545 cd player, and larger Paradigm tower speakers. I typically prefer tube sound but must say the B&K offers good detail, is darn musical for a SS amp, has good bass control, and has tons of power. B$K are very reliable and obviously do not require tube replacement. I think he paid less than $300 for his via eBay. So given the price I was even more impressed - a GREAT bang for the buck!!!!
I had a Jon Iverson Eagle 2 amp purchased for $350 or so here on Agon. It also has many of the qualities described for the B&K. I wish I kept it.
Finally, NAD and Cambridge typically offer a good value for the dollar
Good luck,
If you're not stuck on fancy names you might consider a Rotel RCD-1072 CD player with a RA-1062 integrated amp. Both well reviewed, no reliability issues, plenty of power and good bass for your rock, remotes for both, and money left over for cables and more CD's. I know, not a fancy name but after years of buying hi end stuff I have returned to Rotel and I'm more satisfied than ever.
You can get away with less power for the efficient Triangles and a tube hybrid is a good idea - the warmer the better. While I typically like NAD gear on a budget - I have not been impressed by the synergy of their amps with Triangle speakers. Doubt that Cambridge and Rotel amps would fare much better, since they are typically less warm than NAD gear.

As an alternative for the WAF - how about the Music Hall Trio (new) or Arcam Solo (used). Everything in one tidy box. I heard a Trio driving the somewhat demanding Totem Model 1 the other day and was surprised how well it did and sounded.
I have a heavily modded Trio. I love it for what it is. However, the amp section is the weak link. I had the pre-outs upgraded and usually run to an external amp for quality listening. The internal 50 watts is OK but not in the class of the Mambo.