Best used 500 1m XLR interconnects

I'm leaning toward Harmonic Techology Magic Links.

What about Acoustic Zen Silver Reference, AZ Matrix, or Cardas Golden Reference?

Will silver cables ALWAYS brighten a system?

Any other ic's I should consider?

Current cabling is:

o Harmonic Technology Magic Link 1m XLR ic's for cd to pre.
(sold 1m pr of Pro Silway Mk II's for the Magic Links)
o Harmonic Technology Pro Silway Mk II 2m XLR ic's for pre
to amp.
o Harmonic Technology Pro 9 Plus 10 ft bi-wire speaker

My system is all SS and very articulate already(IMO). Therefore, silver may be a concern perhaps the first pair of Magic Links have already begun to look over that fine line toward being overly bright but am still evaluating.

I have all SS & voiced it for digital playback only and also cannot stand brightness at all. I tried HT Pro Silways to the CD & found them to be a bit bright. I have settled on Luminous Audio Synchestra Sigs to the amp (XLR) & RCA's to the CD. I also run the Renaissance Speaker cable in a true bi-wire setup.

I tried various combinations of cables for about 1 1/2 years before settling on Luminous. I don't check the classifieds all the time but can't remember seeing any used Synchestra Sigs although you could contact Luminous & see if they have any used or demo ones.
I would suggest Granite Audio #470. I bought a used 2 meter XLR for about $400.
Compared it to much costlier cables (as high as $2000).
I tried the Lumionous Synchestra Sig and the silver version and the sound at least in my system was dull .
The Stealth cables were too bright .
Synergistic Res Ref mk2 can be bought used for about $500. I have a pair of these and they add full body too the sound you might like them.
I have a Krell Amp and a tube preamp so not solid state all the way.
Hello: Try the Kimber SELECT series of IC cable. The KS-1111 is Kimber's entry level Select IC. It uses high-grade copper as the conductor. The next model is the KS-1121, it uses pure silver for the signal, copper for return --it's approximately twice the price of the 1111. The top-line Kimber is the awesome KS-1130 --an all pure silver IC that is simply just superb; clarity, detail, staging, focus and tonal richness that makes music so real and engaging to listen to.
Which brings me to two things; 1) Kimber's Silver series of interconnect is ANYTHING but bright. It has the rare quality of being superbly transparent, detailed etc, while retaining instrument and vocal colors, textures and body.
2) 2nd point: They have to be burned-in for an outrageously long 1,000-1,500 hours! They do some crazy things (sound wise) until they break-in. A cable burner will speed up the process considerably. If burned in for a week on a cable cooker, 100 + hours playing music should finally settle the cables.
The IC's start at approximately $500/1-M, the 1121 aprox $850.00 and the 1130 I believe $1,200. US$

peter jasz
Just for clarification, Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature IC cables are copper. The Synchestra IC's are silver, as are the Synchestra speaker cables. New the Synchestra Sigs are $549.00 1m XLR.

As for silver cables, regardless if I used at IC or speaker, they brightened up my system. I forgot to mention that the Stealth PGS was one of the smoothest IC's I've heard & you could probably pick up a used pair around your asking price.

Bottom line is, of course, trust your ears.
hello I'm going to help save you $250. I purchased harmonic technology magic in January and was wondering how my previous reference cable the XLO signature would compare and purchased a pair of signature cables used for $250. Straight out of the package even though the signature wasn't used previously it was no contest especially in the bass the signature seemed to have another octave lower extension end considerably more weight and definition, the middle range is much more transparent compared to the harmonic cable which has a veiled sound kind of a fog like where you can't see or hear through clearly in this case. I'd assumed cables had been improved in the last ten years and the signature was completely obsolete by now. I was totally wrong.
Nordost SPM
I have tried a bunch of cables, some very expensive stuff and my favorite is the Silver Ref Acoustic Zen cables. If your system is to bright it might not be for you, it will pass any and all information you play through it.
A lesser known brand to consider is Bearlabs. They retail at less than $500 new and I chose them for MY system over more expensive silver Siltechs and SPM. Good luck!
Been in your position and the best I found with my set up is the AudioQuest Anaconda. I was using XLO reference Type 2 and was thrilled until I auditioned the AQ. No brightness, detail and no real character of it's own. Kinda spooky when you hear it. I picked up a .6 meter for $325.00 but you can find 1 meter pairs for under $500.00. Good luck and Cheers...

My general advice to you is to get together enough cash to buy two or three sets of i/c's used. Compare them all and sell what you don't want. Different cables in general do respond better/worse in different systems.

I like spm(my favorite - very transparent and works with everything),kimber 1120(transparent, nice soft , refined presentation), az silver ref (similar to a pro-silway).
I think the az silver ref is overpriced compared to pro-silway II, but quite a few people feel otherwise.

For speaker cables, I feel that the az satori is the cabling steal of the century. It's really hard to justify buying much more expensive cables when these just sound great.
I don't think you can generalize and say silver cables are always brighter than copper, but I will say that every time I compared a copper and silver cable from the same manufacturer the silver cable was more detailed with slightly tighter bass.

I use the AZ Silver Ref from DAC to pre and Matrix Ref from pre to amp--the silver yields more detail from the front end while the Matrix allows the mids to flourish. When I have more detailed speakers(usually with metal tweets) in my system I sometimes swap the Silver Ref with another pair of Matrix Refs and it works better--just shows system matching is key. I highly recommend the AZ interconnects, and if you're trying to surface more detail out of your system try the Silver, and if you're already getting enough detail but would like more life from the mids I'd say go with the Matrix. I agree with John above--especially with cables there are no shortcuts and you're gonna have to experiment a bit to find the right combo for your tastes and system. It's always amazing to me how two people can have diametrically opposed opinions about the sound of the same cable, and they're probably both right--scary. Best of luck.

Quattro fils are dang good (generally considered to be a step up from the SPM). If you can use a .55 pair, there are some cooked ones in the classifieds for $550. Don't know what associated equipment you have, but suspect that the fils would be one of the last things to change in your system.
Thanks for the advice and sorry for the delayed response.

In November, I purchased Pure Note Epsilon Reference cables for an audition and stuck with them.

I also purchased a pair of Audience Au24 speaker cables.

Both cable types have been quite impressive especially the Au24 speaker cables.