best used 2 channel preamp for under $2500

I am looking 2 channel preamp for under $2500 for my 2 channel set-up. I have Von Schweikert VR4 GenIII HSE speakers and JC1 monos amp. thanks and best wishes
For about $2500 keep your eyes peeled for a Supratek Syrah. I picked one up for $2500 on the nose and couldn't be happier. A great sounding tubed preamp with a fantastic phono stage to boot. On top of all the it's a piece of audio sculpture as well.
thanks, I will keep it in mind and do little research on it. Did you ever compare this to Pass preamp? Just wonder...Take care
If I had this much, I would seek out a VTL 5.5 with a phono stage. When I had separates, I really liked my VTL 2.5, so it was a natural thing to go up the upgrade path.

My other choice would be a Cary Slp w/ phono. I don't know why, but I've always liked the "Cary Sound."

However, I would also look for a Syrah as well (even though I have never heard one; there is quite a buzz around it, to be sure).

Overall, having $2,500 to spend on a preamp is a nice situation. I'm sure you'll have a great time with any of these choices!

You should also consider the deHavilland UltraVerve. It did wonders for my system. And retails for $2,495 new. Many great reviews to check out regarding it also. Good luck.

A pre-owned First Sound Presence Deluxe mkII would be right around your price range. Fantastic sonics and huge bang for the buck, along with tremendous support from Emmanuel Go (he's in WA state).
Used Placette Active for ~$2000.. it will amaze you but it will be single ended.. You might consider a balanced preamp as your JC-1's are fully balanced. Maybe a Pass Labs X1 with the older power supply
If you want to stay SS I'll 2nd the Pass X1, if you want tubes the Sonic Frontiers Line 3 is phenomenal and right at that price point... be aware it is very revealing and not tubey by any old standards... but it is exceptional. Also the BAT 30 series may interest you .Good listening.
Wright Sound Lab WPL20. A highly linear and dynamic linestage alloyed to a simply superb phono section. There is one available for under a grand. A screaming good deal.
I second the deHavilland Ultraverve for 2495 brand new. It just one Enjoy the Preamp of the year award. I have the next step up preamp, the Mercury which is astoundingly good in my opinion. It simply passes music intact! The midrange is breath takingly accurate. It is capable of life like dynamics. The Ultraverve, I understand has many of the same characteristics.
Be sure to check out the thread "preamp deal of the century" which will give you all the info on the Supratek Syrah you would ever need. Good luck and have fun!
If you are handy with a soldering iron you should consider the Raleigh Audio "Mood Indigo" line stage kit, available from K&K Audio. You can read about it in the current issue of AudioeXpress. $1800/kit. It is a balanced differencial design that is transformer coupled; both input and output. The output topology is a parallel feed design that uses CCSs to isolate the audio signal path from the power supply. It also uses a unique power supply design that uses a CCS to illiminate the need for large electrolytic caps plus a tube rectifier for good sound. Includes remote for volume and muting.