Best USB cables New kid on the block.

Hello you guys this deserves a Huge rave .I had the AQ Diamond,also have tried from friends Wireworld 7 .  This new cable from Curious from Australia totally shakes up all past digital cables IMO and many others. Digital finally has a real 3D vs 2D in realism what is better ?
Everything across the board. Vs the AQ Diamond better saturation of depth imaging and lock on articulate bass. The Wireworld at first seems to have perhaps a slight edge is razor sharp detail
but at the expense of instrumental layering. Perhaps if you have a thick tubby sounding amplifier
the platinum would thin it out a bit,it is still a very good cable ,s well as the AQ  cable.
read the many reviews ever vs the $900 light speed USB cable. The Best cable under $1,000
 at $340 a No Brainer with money back guarantee including shipping. 
Please note if you have a external HD this cables improves this also . Another item of interest
the USB regen is another great product that works for under $200,  Curious cable makes a short 
200 mm $120 cable that goes from the regen to the dac. I can verify that they work I own them 
and are not leaving any time soon.  Please note cable takes 200-250 hours to fully Runin.
i just turn amp off and run files on repeat it burns it  in no different this way. P.s The creator
of the cable built  Eichmann cables for 5-6 years  in the past. 
I agree with you totally. I too own the Curious USB cables. I have them on my Regen and on my external hardrive. (with the special mini 3.0 usb connector at the Hard drive end). forgot to add all the feedback regarding this USB cable.
At a audio get together another new USB cable was compared both the Speltz
and Curious had over 300 hours similar in a lot of ways . Fine detail though 
the curious was slightly better as well as a slighty warmer mid bass.
the Curious is $150 more. For a mid lower priced system the Speltz may be better suited $$ wise. If you have a higher end system  and want the last word in resolution and a slightly 
more fleshed out presentation they the Curious USB would would be worth the extra $$. As we all know that as a Audiophile sometimes just 3-4% better can 
cost considerably more .