Best USB cable +/- $500

I have auditioned 4 USB cables all in the $100 range (Kimber, Audioquest Coffee, Wireworld Starlight, Transparent). Of these I settled on the Transparent in my system as overall best. My system consists of Mac Mini, Lindemann 24/192 DAC, Jeff Rowland Integrated, B&W 802D2 speakers.
What is your recommendation and why? In other words, what are the sonic advantages of your recommendation?

Your insight is appreciated
I tried a few cables. Then demoed a ridge street audio USB. It was and is awesome. There is a trial period so you can return if you don't like.
Bwyoung, below is a re-post of my post in another usb thread:

03-27-12: Foster_9
Hello, I went from a .5 meter Wireworld Starlight usb cable to a 1.8 meter Furutech Formula 2. I just installed the Formula 2 and really really like it a lot! Everything got better sonically right out of the box (highs to lows), high end resolution and clarity, more bass weight and "meat on the bones." This usb cable immediately made the biggest positive improvement of any cable I've purchased. The Formula 2 is causing me to wonder how other Furutech cables measure up against the competition. And I'm a person who never gushes about cables, quite the opposite. I've more often than not been disappointed in the performance of many cable purchases I've made (speaker cables, interconnects and power cables included). This one bucks that trend. I can highly recommend the Furutech Formula 2. (Using Macbook Pro to Rega Dac)
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I never heard about the Formula 2 until it was mentioned in a thread. Tried to research it and found very little, but did see one review by Whathifi. They loved it so I tried it. It's really good. By the way, I'm definitely not saying it's the best in the $100 range, I don't think there's ever a "best." But it's the best I've had here and improved the sound coming from my speakers.
I'd love to consider one of the Rigdge Street audio cables, (respected by people who should know), but my opinion about certain products in the mid and high end is that I'm just not willing to spend that kind of money in my current income bracket. It's tough enough spending in the $100 range for a usb cable.
I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better USB cable then the Wywire Ltespeed in your price range.
The Synergistic Research Tesla Tricon USB is pretty good.
The Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Ref DualConduit USB2.0 is a great cable also.

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Thank you for your posts. My USB cable search is over. Did quite a bit of research, but in this price range it is impossible for me to audition much as I did in the $100 range.
Ridge Street was a bit too high priced for me. Anyway, bought the Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Ref Dualconduit USB2.0.
Very, Very impressed with modest breakin it is a big step up from everything I have heard.
I still own the Wireworld Platinum7 and friend has brought over his AQ Diamond, I can say with confidence ,that after exchanging several emails
With Brad the owner designer of Revelation Audio Labs the Prophesy is a excellent digital cable it is actually much cheaper per meter then the other cables mentioned and Quality and care taken totally seperate leggs for dc power ,and for digital and shielding methods and polished 59s Silver
Does make a difference I am hearing instruments in the background
Barely audible with the AQ , or WWorld it does take 200 hours to fully refine but excellent after 75 hours just put on repeat even with amp .preamp off breakin as long as all items digital related are on do a full read a lot of time effort and $$ goes into each cable.i am impressed which is hard to do after 35 years in the field.