Best USB cable...

Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in the quality of USB cables? I am running a Mac Mini into a Valab dac with a 12 foot USB cable right now.

I just discovered that there is a definite difference in Toslink cables, so it has me wondering if that is the case in USB cables.

Any comments will be very welcome. Thanks.
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interested also.
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Thanks Edo...
I just purchased a Poiena USB cable. I am looking forward to receiving it.
I have to say that even the cheap little $5 usb cable running between my Mac Mini and my Valab dac sounds incredibly great.

The Poiema that I have on order has to be really a major improvement over what I am listening to now. No one has ever returned one yet according to Ridge Street Audio. If it can produce sound better than what I am hearing, I will be amazed.

Should get it next week.


give it time to burn in, follow Robert's advice...

you will be amazed...

:) listening,

Ed... I am very anxious to get them. Are they a big improvement over standard usb? If so, I will be amazed.

What are you run on each side of your Poiema?


Mattzack... MacMini w/ WD 500GB storage... iRoc Ultra Fi USB DAc into more Poiemas... for this particular system, this works very well.

I've learned that how the whole system works together makes the music.

:) listening,

Nice. Thanks.
I just ordered a Wireworld from The Cable Company. This will replace my Belden High Performance Pure AV. I'll post a report once the Wireworld breaks in a bit.