Best Usb A to B cable in $100 to $250 cost zone?

A friend has a pair of the latest Quads ESL2912. He's a semi-pro recordist who uses them for ejoyment and to master/mix his recordings. He likes to record solo acoustic soloists and small groups at 96/24.  He sits around 10' away from the Quads to listen.  BUT he plays beautiful hi-rez music files from his MacPro into his $3000 high-end DAC via a 4 meter El Cheapo orange-colored usb cable that cost around $15.   Which usb A-to-B cable, in the $100 to $250 price zone would you recommend ??  
Any USB cable that (really) meets the USB spec. and makes a good connection will be as good as any other.  It should cost a lot less than $100.  Your friend is smart.

Now, if there is an issue with noise (perhaps causing jitter) you will want to do some isolation, but that is not the cable.

There is a thing called the Iso Regen that costs a bit over $300 you can google.  It's claims are not well-supported by listening tests or electronic measurements (it is a new device I think) BUT you can try it for 30 days and then return it.
I have a USB Regen, and it made a dramatic improvement on my Mac Mini.
they are claiming the ISO Regen is even better - but listening tests should be done

BTW, they have a 30 return priv.